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I confess… I am obsessed with API-based use cases. And for a good reason. You can study APIs, you can learn a programming language (hopefully Python) to leverage those APIs, but the epiphany moment comes when you see everything working together to address a specific business challenge by creating something new. This innovation engine has no limits and empowers our community to make the impossible possible.

At Cisco we are so proud of our intelligent, secure platform and its APIs, that we work really hard to make sure everyone can easily learn and leverage them to address their needs, creating customized solutions that bring together different teams towards a common goal.

Last year we ran our first Partner Innovation Challenge, encouraging Cisco Partners to participate and showcase their talent through innovative designs. You can read more about it and the winners here.

This year you have another chance

If you didn’t get a chance to participate in last year’s Challenge, now you have a new opportunity… and you could win double the prize money!

Cisco Partner Innovation Challenge Prizes

Interested? That’s what I thought… Get together your 2-pizza team and start thinking!

We want our Partners to activate their creativity and think about how Cisco APIs can address real customer challenges with business-relevant use cases. For the initial proposal phase, please focus on what is the specific business challenge you are trying to address, and describe your proposed solution using Cisco infrastructure and its APIs. On a second phase, your team will need to provide further details about the business challenge, what is the proposed network design and application architecture, and what are the expected business results. From the technical standpoint you will need to provide implementation details, and prove that the solution actually works with a proof-of-concept lab demonstration. If you can show it working in a real customer environment even better!

All final submissions will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Business challenge and benefits
  • Market potential
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Technical achievement

Please visit cs.co/innovationchallenge2019 to learn more about the challenge.

Winners will be announced at Partner Summit in November 2019. Please stay tuned and send us an email to programmability-contest@cisco.com if you are interested in participating!

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Participate and win!


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