Cisco Wins Developer Satisfaction Award

October 18, 2017 - 11 Comments

How do you build a developer program that is focused on what developers truly want? It’s a question we ask ourselves here at Cisco DevNet every day. So last week DevNet Senior Director Rick Tywoniak attended SlashData’s annual Future Developer Summit, with the goal of continuing our search for answers and ideas on how we can continuously improve how we serve the Cisco developer community.

Four years ago, when DevNet was just getting started, the vision was to engage both application developers and networking professionals, as part of a broad and well supported community to utilize Cisco networking platform APIs. We knew from the start that education and training would be critical components to building the community. So we focused our efforts on building learning labs, sandboxes, support forums, quality documentation, and usable sample code – tools that would allow developers to get hands-on with the APIs. We felt this would be the best way to help developers optimize their applications to take full advantage of enterprise networks, and introduce networkers to coding principles so that they could take advantage of Cisco APIs to automate network functions and management.

Devvie Chatbot Award Training Satisfaction - Cisco DevNet A big task. So you can imagine the thrill when it was announced at the SlashData Future Developer Summit that Cisco DevNet had received the customer satisfaction award in the category “Satisfaction with Training in Developer Programs.” This from a survey that is based on the independent and unbiased opinions of over 40,000 developers from around the world, combined with SlashData’s own research!

In presenting the award, SlashData CEO and Founder Andreas Constantinou said, “Going beyond tutorials to provide full training courses is difficult to scale and very few companies do it well (even at all). We commend Cisco for leadership in an area where most competitors have negative satisfaction scores.”

Denise Kwan Developer satisfaction training Cisco DevNet Zone

As networks become programmable and applications become the central vehicle transforming literally all aspects of our work and lives, Cisco will continue to deliver quality education, training, and support for our rapidly growing developer community. We look for ways to make it easily accessible to developers through learning events and shows, and through training partners such as Cisco Networking Academy and Learning at Cisco.

I thank our DevNet community for your feedback and support on our journey, and the SlashData team for this recognition.

Cisco DevNet developer satisfaction award SlashData


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  1. A big thank you to our Customers, Partners, and every Developer in our Community. Go #DevNet!

  2. Great achievement in such a short amount of time! Very proud of being part of this amazing team!

  3. It was great honor to attend the /data event and receive this award in front of so many talented leaders of great developer programs. When we founded DevNet 3+ years ago, our original vision was to bring a community of developers and networking experts together through education. This award is a signal that we are on our way to achieving that original vision. This award is the result of the hard work of the entire DevNet team and our early adopter developers who are making DevNet a vibrant community for learning.

  4. Good work team !! congratulations!

  5. This is great work by the best team in Cisco ;)!

  6. congratulation !!!

  7. Cool. congrats DevNet team; congrats Susie. I’m proud to be part of our team.

  8. Congrats team. The award is thanks to your dedication and hard work. I’m happy for you. I’m sure that if SlashData saw how good the support is in your Spark space, the comments will be even better. Keep it going.

  9. As I approach my 1 year anniversary as a DevNet Developer Evangelist I wonder what have I done that helped DevNet become what it is and what can I do to continue to contribute to the success of DevNet.

    My contributions are minor when compared to the breadth and depth of DevNet, but I take pride in every Learning Lab or code snippet I create, as do all the other DevNet team members.

    DevNet is the sum of its parts but that weird type of sum where 1 + 1 = 3 When I take my Compute Automation experience and combine it with the Network or Security or IoT Developer Evangelist’s experience we create something that is so much better than silo’d individual technology developer experiences.

    Congratulations to the entire DevNet team, you all made this happen without knowing that you were making it happen.

  10. Congratulations DevNet team! Well deserved for all the effort and hard work put forth in training and inviting developers to connect..

  11. That’s a pretty awesome award! Go Team!