Once upon a Time

A good way to start this blog post is to call out a few facts from my bio here on the Cisco blog site:

Fact #1: I’ve been with Cisco for 19 years (and counting!)
Fact #2: I’ve presented at Cisco Live and Networkers (My first presentation was 2002)
Fact #3: I’ve accumulated a few grey hairs (definitely more than a few!)

I’m sure you can all see the direct link between numbers one and three, but what about number two?

Scott_Lee-Guard-Networkers_2004_to_Cisco_Live_APJC-DevNet-NW2002 logo

Back in 2002, our technical user conference was called Networkers, and that year I was excited to present for the first time, with two sessions, Introduction to Network Security and Introduction to IPsec Virtual Private Networks.


Title slide from my first ever Networkers presentation in 2002
Title slide from my first ever Networkers presentation in 2002

As we’ve grown over the years, alongside you, the scope of Networkers expanded to the point where it was no longer just about the technical conference, and we certainly couldn’t fit the entire agenda on a single tab in a spreadsheet anymore!

Click for full session schedule for Networkers Australia 2003
Click image for full session schedule for Networkers Australia 2003

IT Management, press and analyst programs, partner forums, executive symposium all combined to give us a much larger and richer event, which became Cisco Live!


Characters and Stories

It’s amazing that no matter how much technology (or the name of the event) has evolved, some themes have remained constant over the years.

Cisco Networkers and Cisco Live from 2003 to today.
Cisco Networkers and Cisco Live from 2003 to today.


In 2020, we are talking about Digital Transformation rather than Business Transformation, which reflects the nature of businesses and organizations today, and the power of the network to enable that transformation is more evident than ever.

Interestingly, the network is not the only constant presence (and power) over this time span.

The key characters in the story of Networkers and Cisco Live are YOU, our customers and partners.

YOU, the human network, our vibrant community, have made Cisco Live Melbourne the success it has become by actively engaging with us, bringing your own energy, and making magical connections that endure throughout the years.


A new Chapter

All of which brings us to the latest chapter in the Cisco Live story. Welcome to the Cisco Live Virtual Event for Asia-Pacific, Japan and China!

Cisco Live APJC Scott Lee-Guard DevNet

Whichever country in the APJC region you are in, we’ve crafted an agenda for you, which you can access here: ciscolive.com/apjc

Streams will be specific for each country, with translations available in English, Japanese, Korean and Mandarin.

While I now lead a team of talented architects across many technology domains, those of you that know me (either in person or via Twitter) will know my heart is still with Enterprise Networks.

All of the sessions across the two days of the virtual event will be fantastic, here are some of my key choices:

Digital Network Architecture (DNA) Assurance and Analytics
Cisco DNA is key to providing programmability capabilities in your network, which you can unlock with the power of DevNet.

The Value of Cisco DevNet and Critical New Skills for your Career
Learn more about how to get started here.

Understanding RF Fundamentals and the Implications for Wireless Networks and Wi-Fi 6
For background reading, I’ve previously blogged about WiFi6 here.

Building a Programmable Open Platform for a Dynamic 5G Future
Did you know WiFi6 and 5G are complementary technologies? Explore 5G cross-domain orchestration with my fellow Kiwi Andrew Mackay.

Cisco AppDynamics and Cisco Workload Optimization Manager
Nothing could be more about software than your applications. Yet another Kiwi, Dan Aherne-McInteer will show you how AppDynamics gives you visibility and Insight directly into your applications.


The end. A new beginning.

I keep coming back to this thought from my very first blog post:

Technology can help us connect more easily, frequently, and have richer experiences – who as a human isn’t interested in that?



With our Cisco Live Virtual Event for APJC, that’s what we are delivering for YOU, our customers and partners. Leveraging technology in new and exciting ways to help us all stay connected.

The need for connection is a core aspect of who we are as human beings. Acknowledge it, embrace it, and use all the magical technology at your disposal to connect with people.

We are.

Register for #CiscoLiveAPJC today, and join us online on April 1 and 2 for an amazing event!



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Scott Lee-Guard

Manager, Systems Engineering and Architectures