Today, February 24, 2021 is the first anniversary of the launch of the Cisco DevNet certifications.

Today, I am incredibly proud and honored to celebrate you – the DevNet community, the DevNet 500, and the DevNet Class of 2020.

Over 8,000 of you have become part of the DevNet Class of 2020! You have earned over 10,500 DevNet certifications, ranging from DevNet Associate to DevNet Professional and DevNet Specialist!

Your software and automation skills are more important than ever. You’ve achieved so much this year, and I can’t wait to see how you’ll innovate now that you’re certified with DevNet. You are the early adopters, the transformers, the heroes in this story.

Celebrating all you’ve accomplished

I know that joining the DevNet Class of 2020, the inaugural class of DevNet certified professionals, took vision, dedication to excellence, and hard work. You made history by becoming part of the DevNet Class of 2020. Here’s a short video celebrating all you’ve accomplished:

What will you do next with your DevNet certification?

Your DevNet certification is proof of newfound knowledge and skills. Now, what will you do with it? You could start a discussion with a customer or partner about software, DevOps, and cloud. You could build a software and automation practice within your company. You could inspire another person to learn how to code and earn their DevNet certification. You could even take your learning to the next level with a DevOps, security and cloud certification. You can write applications that leverage the power of the infrastructure and truly change people’s lives. Your determination got you here. Now, you have the power to turn your software and automation skills into real-world solutions and accelerate your own career growth at the same time.

We know that earning a DevNet certification demonstrates your skills, knowledge, and expertise. As I speak to our community members, I’ve learned that it means so much more. It means you’ve learned to speak a new language of software, engineering, DevOps, and cloud. It means you are part of the DevNet community so you can solve problems together and transform industries together. It means you know the value of community learning, have been mentored, and have become a mentor to others. It means you have a new sense of confidence and have adopted an innovation mindset.

Congratulations DevNet Class of 2020! Thank you for pouring your hearts and your minds into your achievement. You did it!

Is a Cisco DevNet certification right for your career?

Whether you made the DevNet Class of 2020 or are seeking your DevNet certification in 2021, Cisco DevNet is here to support you with Code Exchange, DevNet Automation Exchange, technology-specific Learning Tracks, and DevNet Sandboxes. There’s even a curated list of learning content for Cisco technologies and platforms, and study groups you can join to prepare for your DevNet Associate certification.

Learn more about DevNet Associate, DevNet Specialist, and DevNet Professional certifications.

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