Recently, I had the great honor and privilege of speaking at Postman Galaxy 2021 – the global, virtual API conference.  This year the event had over 26,000 professionals from across the API universe coming together for three days to learn about, see, and dig into all things API. 

Postman empowers engineers who are new to coding, IaC (Infrastructure As Code), and APIs. One thing that was important to get across in my session was to share information about how Cisco’s Developer Experience Program helps users who are new to APIs.  The DevNet Learning Labs introduce key concepts via Postman’s easy-to-use interface, helping them become familiar with making API calls and using APIs in their daily workflows.

More experienced users can dip into one of Cisco DevNet’s technology-specific Learning Labs to quickly get what they need. Running a Cisco DevNet Learning Lab module on Postman makes it easy for them to refresh their understanding of Cisco’s platforms or check out the latest features. 

In my session at Postman Galaxy, you can hear how Postman plays a central role in helping our DevNet team educate and inspire developers in our community. Postman enables DevNet to offer interactive educational materials that help users quickly get hands-on with Cisco APIs to learn how they work. As a result, developers can get more value from Cisco APIs to help solve business problems.

Take a look at my session below! 


Want more information on how to get started? 

You can do more, learn more in the DevNet Learning Labs listed below. I’ve also included the link to the Cisco DevNet Postman Collection, where we have provided all our Postman collections for you to download and use in the DevNet Sandbox, or in your own environment. 

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Stuart Clark

Senior Developer Advocate Of Community, AWS