At its core, DevOps is about driving a cultural shift to break down typical organizational stove-piping and cultivating a culture of collaboration and shared ownership. Ironically, a key to DevOps success is tooling and automation that allows greater autonomy between teams. This is a role where Cisco NSO shines: ensuring infrastructure intent matches infrastructure reality.

Cisco NSO is an extremely flexible platform, providing users with many ways to achieve your goals. As a result, it has been deployed for almost a decade in some of the world’s largest and most complex multi-vendor production environments. Now, we have created a new webinar to show you all the new NSO content we’ve been working on.

What’s new for NSO on DevNet?

In this BrightTalk Webinar Developer Advocate for NSO Jason Belk will show you:

  • New learning labs and modules
  • New developer sandbox
  • New use cases and code examples in Code Exchange and Automation Exchange

There will also be a demo where we will summarize known best practices for work in areas including:

  • Data modelling
  • Service templates
  • Using the Python and RESTCONF API

Register now to attend the webinar 

Live online April 8th, 9:00 am PDT | 16:00 GMT
available afterward on demand


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Stuart Clark

Senior Developer Advocate Of Community, AWS