Everybody has been talking about big data over the past years . Your data continues to grow, both in mass and importance. And you know that your company is in need of better analytics to use the influx of data as a point of improvement for business. As the Internet expands and connects all things previously unconnected (a concept referred to as the Internet of Everything, or IoE), consumers have access to more personalized information that keeps them engaged and delivers efficient services. This means data is pouring in from—well, everywhere. To sort and utilize it for better user experiences, it’s first necessary to ensure your data center is capable of gathering and housing all this data. And that starts at the foundation.

raghunathnambiarOur distinguished engineer and Chief Architect of Big Data Solutions at Cisco, Raghunath Nambiar, talks about “A Unified Platform for Big Data” in our last edition of Unleashing IT . Recently elected by the Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC) to lead the development of the industry’s first big data benchmark standard, Nambiar states  “To get the most out of big data, companies need an infrastructure that is tuned for big data workloads, with better performance and scalability than traditional environments.” Read more here .

In fact, the Intel® Xeon® processor-based Cisco® Unified Computing System™ (Cisco UCS®) Common Platform Architecture (CPA) for Big Data is a robust platform built on a unified fabric, and based on Cisco Nexus® switches for exceptional availability and scalability. Built specifically with Big Data in mind, this certified and validated architecture has been utilized by businesses in a variety of industries.

Discover why you should consider Cisco UCS for your data center, and how this platform can perform in conjunction with other technologies to be a major enabler of big data management—like the Cisco UCS CPA for Big Data. The network is your basis for data cluster and sources; it’s where you need to start.

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“A Unified Platform for Big Data” by Raghunath Nambia


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