Cisco announced the UCS X-Series back in June which garnered a lot of press. But I know how hard it is to keep up with industry news, so I thought a blog series was a good way to familiarize / refamiliarize you with our next gen modular system.

Why UCS X-Series?

Cisco UCS X9508 Chassis & UCS X210c Compute NodeOur strategy has always been to focus on inflection points in the industry and to understand what is coming next. To remove complexity, making it as easy as possible for our customers to deploy, optimize, scale, manage, and operate infrastructure. Since we introduced UCS in 2009, the landscape for server infrastructure, server management, and applications has changed. From the cloud to containers. New paradigms require a new way of thinking about servers and IT.

What is UCS X-Series?

The X-Series is a versatile, modular system for the applications of today and tomorrow. It is flexible enough to run almost any workload and designed to adapt to future technologies. X-Series was designed to simplify your infrastructure with a system that blurs the blade/rack hardware definition. In future blogs, I’ll drill down into the hardware specifics.

Cisco Intersight

Cisco UCS X-Series with Cisco Intersight.

But X-Series is more than just hardware, it is a new way of operating and managing from the cloud. A hybrid-cloud environment requires that server management not just be abstracted from the server (UCS circa 2009) but extracted from the data center altogether – Cisco Intersight. We’ll have an entire blog dedicated to Intersight in a few weeks. In the interim, you should know that Intersight is a cloud operations platform that brings all the benefits of SaaS delivery and full lifecycle management to X-Series, UCS, and HyperFlex. It is much more than systems management, but you’ll need to come back and read that blog.

What’s next

Come back next week as we start to drill down on the hardware. Can’t wait until then, check out the links in the blog for more information on X-Series & Intersight.




Bill Shields

Senior Marketing Manager

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