IDC, a leading technology research and analyst firm released their latest results for the hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) market, and I’m excited to report that Cisco HyperFlex showed an impressive growth of 46.8% in revenue for Q2 2019. To put that in perspective, that’s double the revenue growth of the total HCI market average of 23.7%. To top it off, HyperFlex has earned its spot within the top three hyperconverged systems on the market. To celebrate, we’ve decided to recognize this achievement in a fashion that would make even David Letterman proud…

Ladies and gentlemen, I hold in my hand the “Top 10” customer reasons why HyperFlex grew twice the overall HCI market in Q2

#10. Our customers love seeing and showing off HyperFlex systems in their data center because it has a sleek industrial design from Pininfarina (yep, the same company that designs supercars)

If we put that much effort into the industrial design of the product, just think of the lengths our engineers go to make sure the rest of the product is the best on the market.

#9. HyperFlex is the industry’s first complete HCI solution that includes compute, storage, and networking, built on the trusted Cisco UCS platform

Cisco UCS revolutionized the server world 10 years ago by seamlessly combining compute and networking in a centrally managed solution. That innovation has extended with the development of an integrated hyperconverged solution with HyperFlex.

#8. Customers want simplicity; a single vendor solution backed by a trusted and financially stable technology partner

We don’t leave our customers to get bogged down using composite and complex HCI solutions made of individual pieces from 3 or more vendors who point fingers at each other at the first sign of a problem. Instead, we deliver HyperFlex as a fully engineered solution that integrates hardware, software, and networking, backed by award winning single source support. To learn more, watch this Gartner webcast and check out the HyperFlex At A Glance for a more in-depth overview.

#7. Customers want an industry-leading platform

In just two and a half years in the market, HyperFlex jumped to a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Hyperconverged Infrastructure.

#6. HyperFlex is truly eliminating silos

HCI was conceived to eliminate silos, not become another one. Cisco is delivering on that vision by making HyperFlex a fundamental building block of Cisco’s Data Center Anywhere architecture. The HyperFlex solution integrates across critical IT domains such as converged infrastructure, unified communications, application performance monitoring, infrastructure optimization, multicloud orchestration, SD-WAN, and security to enable a simplified and seamless customer experience.

#5. Cisco Intersight on HyperFlex gives our customers centralized and intelligent control of their infrastructure

Cisco Intersight gives our customers the power to remotely deploy, monitor, manage, and troubleshoot multiple HyperFlex clusters anywhere in the world. HyperFlex utilizes the Cisco Intersight SaaS Management platform for automated remote global deployment, upgrades, monitoring, management, and an innovative invisible cloud witness service for cluster resiliency in 2-node HyperFlex Edge configurations.

#4. HyperFlex delivers industry-leading HCI performance and operational efficiency that drives business value and reduces customer TCO

In another white paper published by IDC entitled ‘Business Value of Improved Performance and Agility with Cisco HyperFlex‘, HyperFlex delivered unquestionable business value to organizations making the jump from 3-tier data center architectures to hyperconverged. ESG, another technology-focused research firm, did an extensive technical validation of HCI performance testing for mission critical enterprise workloads and concluded that HyperFlex delivers a 30% TCO advantage over competing HCI products.

#3. Customers want a future-ready platform, and find that HyperFlex is the ideal choice for Hybrid Cloud and Multicloud use cases with its support for Cloud Native workloads and Kubernetes

According to Gartner, by 2021, 30% of customers will choose hyperconverged infrastructure solutions based on their hybrid cloud abilities. Cisco has invested heavily in this area to expand HyperFlex’s multicloud capabilities by partnering with industry-leading cloud providers to build a framework for innovation. We’re helping customers like Key Bank leverage solutions like Google Anthos for hybrid connectivity and multicloud application deployment.

#2. HyperFlex delivers unmatched simplicity to our customers when deploying HCI in ROBO and Edge environments

The expansion of IT infrastructure at the edge is making IT operating environments increasingly distributed and complex. Cisco is at the forefront of simplifying HCI deployments at the edge with innovations that make it easy to deploy HyperFlex Anywhere. Today not only have we adopted it for internal Cisco use, we’re also helping customers with their implementations. One such customer is a leading food company that deployed 2-node HyperFlex Edge clusters across 50+ locations, replacing aging infrastructure that was hard to manage and couldn’t scale to meet modern application requirements.


 [Drum roll]…And the number one reason that HyperFlex grew twice the HCI market…


#1. Customers are able to power even more mission critical applications on HyperFlex HCI

HyperFlex is a leading HCI platform for mission-critical use cases like Oracle, SQL, and SAP HANA, which carries manufacturer certifications to support SAP and meets the performance requirements for Epic workloads (including end-to-end Epic EMR). Customers worldwide recognize the value of these merits. Even from places as far away as the Port of Shanghai.

Final thoughts

While it was fun channeling my inner David Letterman, I wanted to wrap this up by extending a sincere thank you to all of our customers and partners who have made and continue to make HyperFlex a leader in the market. The HCI space is changing quickly, and our commitment to delivering a solution to meet the needs of current and future customers has never been more evident.


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Vijay Venugopal

Vice President Product Management

Cisco Cloud and Compute Software