Agility is highly sought after in today’s business environment.   It allows your business to rapidly adapt to market changes or competitive pressures.  It enables your business to capture new opportunities and customers without expanding your staff or increasing costs.  To accomplish these objectives you need one thing:  automation.  Automation delivers the key element for business agility:  Speed.

Industry analyst Forrester states that the preferred on-ramp for automation is private cloud.  Why?  Because private cloud delivers more visibility and control while maintaining compliance and customer satisfaction.  In essence, private cloud allows business to reach new markets and buyers faster, empower employees and stay ahead of the competition.

Private cloud can be disruptive to existing organizational structures, processes and tools.  Many of today’s commercially available private cloud offerings are monolithic frameworks requiring heavy installation costs and expensive learning curves.  Is there a better way to deliver private cloud?

Yes.   Watch this preview of the latest episode of TechWiseTV focusing on Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite.  If you want to see more, you can easily go to the full episode.

ECS TechWiseTV

Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite is a hybrid-ready private cloud software solution that delivers automation across all layers of your organization.  With modular automation, you can take your journey to the cloud at a pace that is not only comfortable to the business but allows your business experience ROI from new processes — faster.

Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite can:

  • Automatically deliver, in minutes, unified infrastructure that is designed for each application’s needs
  • Reduce complexity and manual provisioning of virtual network services
  • Combine infrastructure templates and application components into automated services that are consumed and managed from a self-service portal


Watch the video and then download our latest technical white paper to learn more.  Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite delivers the speed you need for business agility allowing your business to soar.


Joann Starke

No Longer with Cisco