It’s September and once again time for a very rare happening: an industry trade show in Las Vegas!

Get ready for #SAPTechEd the week of September 19. But unlike other Vegas behavior (you know who you are), we hope this time what happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas. In fact, Cisco is showcasing two very cool new developments we want the whole SAP world to hear about: Tetration and Software Defined Storage.



  • Tetration: SAP environments often represent a company’s most mission-critical IT investment. Therefore SAP users depend on efficient, secure data center operations and real-time analytics. Cisco Tetration adds unique value for SAP us
    ers by delivering enhanced visibility across everything in their network, in real time; ideal for intense, always-on applications running on SAP HANA.


  • Software Defined Storage: Cisco SDS is an innovative approach to Integrated Infrastructure for SAP.   SDS brings additional cost efficiency and flexibility to SAP users’ storage investments. Based on MapR, the new SDS solution is ideal for scale-out use cases such as big data applications, SAP VORA, and Dynamic Tiering.   It also gives you minty fresh breath* and makes IT staff look like geniuses to their management.

We are presenting these topics in a number of main speaking sessions and show-floor-networking sessions, as well as in a variety of partner booths.

Cisco will also showcase our track record of exclusive co-innovation with SAP – innovation that IDC found to deliver an amazing average of 528% ROI to SAP customers running on Cisco UCS.
We call these our SAP “firsts”:

  • 1st SAP-certified Policy-Based TDI for Management, Security, & Provisioning
  • 1st SAP-certified Reference Architecture for HANA Vora & Big Data
  • 1st SAP-certified One-Click Deployment of SAP HANA Applications
  • 1st SAP-certified Software Defined Storage for SAP HANA
  • 1st SAP-certified 40 Gigabit fast Ethernet for SAP HANA
  • 1st SAP-certified hosting platform to truly dominate the SAP Cloud Hosting market (more SAP Partners host HANA-as-a-Service on Cisco than on any other Platform – 75% of them!)

So if you and your loved ones are planning a vacation at SAP TechEd, stop by booth #603 to learn why more and more SAP users are betting their future on Cisco UCS.


* Disclaimer: Fresh breath measured in lab environments; your personal results may vary.




Brian Ferrar

Enterprise Marketing Manager

UCS & Data Center