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Earlier this month we introduced our new Cisco UCS S-Series Storage Servers, with the S3260 being first in market. The S Series is a new storage-optimized server category in the Cisco Unified Computing System™ (UCS) portfolio designed specifically to address the needs of data intensive workloads such as Big Data, and for deploying software-defined storage, object storage, and data protection solutions.  It can handle the rapid growth of unstructured data created by the Internet of Things, video, mobility, collaboration and analytics so that businesses can access and analyze data quickly to generate insights in real time. In addition our modular UCS architecture, of which the S Series is part of, lets you right-size infrastructure for the workload and operate with the efficiency and predictable TCO you need.  

Video: Introducing Cisco Series Storage Server

Now we have S3260 performance information to share with the official publication of our TPCx-HS benchmark results. For background, TPCx-HS is the performance benchmark and industry standard for Hadoop systems. Cisco has been a regular contributor of leading TPCx-HS results based on UCS.  Today we are announcing TPCx-HS performance results with Cisco UCS S3260 at two scale factors: 30TB and 300TB.

S Series TPC

Figure:  TPCx-HS Audited Results with Cisco UCS S3260. From 30TB to 300TB

The highlights: We delivered the industry’s first ever result at the 300TB scale factor accomplished with our Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure for Big Data with UCS S3260 validated design. We continue as well with these new results to maintain our leadership in the 30TB space with a slight improvement in performance compared to our previous results. Note these results are audited and certified by independent TPC auditors.

The benchmark results show some of the breadth of our S Series performance capabilities. Be it a Big Data environment, a Security environment, or Data Protection/Back Up situation we feel the S3260 is a great offering to “Unstore your Data”. Let’s get a customer’s point of view here. Atlanta based Service Provider Cirrity uses Cisco UCS Storage Optimized Servers to improve reliability, security, and manageability:

Video: Cirrity on Cisco UCS S Series

To learn more about the new Cisco S Series Storage Server offerings please visit www.cisco.com/go/storage. To investigate the value and benefits of our Big Data Hadoop offerings please visit www.cisco.com/go/bigdata.


Rex Backman

Senior Marketing Manager, Big Data Solutions

Data Center and Cloud