Get you running shoes on for day 7 of our 10 Customers in 10 Days Data Center Anywhere series as we look at Runtastic.

Let’s just be honest, I ran my first marathon recently and it took me about 28 days (running a mile a day). So I cannot claim to be an expert in long distance running. However, I know something about delivering IT services and Runtastic is a great story. For those that don’t know Runtastic, they are an Austrian company, and a leader in the digital health and fitness market providing mobile applications focused on running and bodyweight training.

Runtastic’s goal is to to motivate its 140+ million registered users to embrace a healthy lifestyle. This is a great company goal, as we all want to work on improving out fitness.

Runtasitc was not only only a super fast growing startup, but they were acquired by Adidas and were challenged to automate everything… Including:

  1. Aligning infrastructure, applications and security operations
  2. Simplifying infrastructure management and automation
  3. Increasing the speed in service delivery

The company chose ACI for IT automation, an open architecture and DevOps capabilities.

“ACI was perfect for us,” says Andreas Kurz, Infrastructure Engineer, Runtastic. “It allowed us to automate the whole network stack, it integrates with open source technologies like Terraform, Kubernetes, and Ansible, and it unifies network operations for bare metal, virtual, and container workloads.”

Runtastic is using the new Cisco ACI Container Network Interface (CNI) plugin for Redhat OpenShift to align its agile development practices with its highly automated network operations. “We’re moving to a DevOps model and dividing our applications into container-based microservices,” says Kurz. “We started building our own continuous integration pipeline based on VMs, but the maturity of OpenShift and its integration with Cisco ACI convinced us to change course.”

Read how Runtastic is attempting to automate everything by reading the Runtastic case study.

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Jeremy Foster

Senior Vice President & General Manager

Cisco Compute