AlgoSec’s Security Management solutions for Cisco ACI extend ACI’s policy-driven automation to security devices in ACI fabrics, provide visibility into the security posture of ACI, and helpensure continuous compliance across multi-cloud environments. To make it easier for our customers to procure these AlgoSec solutions, we have onboarded AlgoSec onto Cisco Global Price List through the Cisco DevNet Solutions Plus Program.

The Cisco-AlgoSec Joint Portfolio

The Cisco-AlgoSec joint portfolio spans four key, integrated security management solutions for Cisco ACI:

  1. AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer: This solution delivers visibility and detailed analysis of network security policies and how it impacts Cisco ACI and multi-cloud deployments.
  2. AlgoSec FireFlow: This powerful solution helps customers to process security policy changes in a fraction of the usual time it takes, helping them to respond to business requirements with the agility they demand.
  3. AlgoSec AppViz Application Visibility Add-on: A tool identifies and maps the network attributes and rules that support business-critical applications, making it easier for organizations to make changes to their applications across any on-premise and cloud platform, and to troubleshoot network and change management issues across the entire enterprise environment.
  4. AlgoSec AppChange Application Lifecyle Change Management Add-on: A product that automatically updates network security policy changes on all relevant devices across the entire network. This solution saves time for IT and security teams and eliminates manual errors and misconfigurations.

Key benefits of the Cisco ACI – AlgoSec Joint Solution Suite

The key benefits of the Cisco ACI – AlgoSec joint solution suite include:

  • End-to-end visibility by providing visibility of the underlying security policies implemented on firewalls and other security devices across the network.
  • Continuous compliance and risk mitigation by pro-actively assessing risk in Cisco ACO contracts and recommending the changes needed to remove misconfigurations and compliance violations.
  • Automated change processes, achieved by automatically pushing security policy changes to Cisco ACI by creating contracts and filters.

Please consider blocking this hour in your calendar to join us for an insightful webinar, where you will learn about the key benefits of our joint Cisco ACI – AlgoSec security policy management solutions. We will also discuss the core solution components and how they provide consistent security policy management and visibility across data centers and cloud deployments.

Hybrid Cloud Demo Series:

AlgoSec-Cisco ACI Integration – Network Security Policy Management Solution

 Tuesday, April 4, 2023
10:00 AM Pacific Time – (San Francisco, GMT-08:00)

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