With computing resources extending well beyond the tightly controlled confines of a data center, countless organizations are seeking increased levels of network automation and security.

They need the ability to more efficiently manage thousands of switches spanning multiple sites. They need policy consistency across data center, colocation, cloud, and edge environments. They need greater speed and agility to address continually changing business requirements. And they need to protect users and data no matter where they are located.

For Turkcell, which operates the biggest data center environment in all of Turkey, this meant establishing a zero-touch, zero-trust network. One that can be automated via APIs instead of manually configured through CLIs. And one that can be extended to internal teams and external customers, with full isolation and self-provisioning capabilities that adhere to predetermined security policies.

As they looked for the highest levels of network visibility, automation, and control, Turkcell conducted an exhaustive evaluation of available options. They found cloud-based solutions to be too expensive and too disconnected from their on-prem systems. And all of the data center-based solutions they evaluated required some form of manual orchestration via CLIs – with one exception.

The combination of Cisco ACI and Cisco NSO provided the automation and security Turkcell was seeking. And they put the solution to the test before deploying it across four data centers.

As part of a formal bake-off, Turkcell simulated their entire managed services environment in a lab to see how quickly each vendor solution could be deployed. The combination of ACI and NSO was the only solution that met their goal of 30 minutes or less. In fact, it shattered that goal and was fully operational in 15 minutes.

That was more than two years ago. Turkcell has been successfully scaling its Cisco network and providing new capabilities to internal and external teams ever since. And their multi-pod solution has been replicated by many others wanting to deliver a managed data center-as-a-service with high levels of automation and isolation.


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David Keith

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI)

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