atelier-digital-transformationThe world is experiencing a digital revolution that is rapidly changing your business landscape.  This revolution is not only connecting people with digital technology; but it has made this technology ubiquitous in all of our lives.  The result is tech-savvy employees and customers with new expectations how to interact with your business.

Meeting these expectations requires a transformation into a consumer technology company by utilizing digital technology to streamline operational processes and improve customer experiences.  Industry data indicates those organizations begin this transformation process experience increased profitability, market value and revenue.

Cisco’s private cloud automation facilitates the transformation of your business from manual to automated standardized service delivery.  Converting manual processes into automated workflows increases data center productivity which fuels faster time-to-market by business and application teams of new products or services.

Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite has reduced complexity and delivered significant value to LightEdge Solutions, Inc.

What you heard in this video are the benefits of Enterprise Cloud Suite’s modular automation.    LightEdge deployed infrastructure automation first and then scaled out their automation to include network automation and a self-service portal.
Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite has allowed LightEdge to provide industry-leading services to their clients allowing them to manage their cloud environment through the self-service portal which reduces troubleshooting complexity for all involved.

digitalThe infrastructure automation included with Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite enabled LightEdge to provision computing resources in 30 minutes rather than the full week required previously.  The hybrid cloud capabilities provides a “secure and realiable way to transition customers to the cloud, reassuring companies that their mission-critical workloads are in good hands,” Mike McHenry, Vice President of Product Cloud Architecture.

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Stay ahead of the digital revolution with Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite and join the customers that are successfully transforming their business landscape.



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