Cisco is continuing its global commitment to help customers and partners navigate an evolving landscape with the introduction of a new Business Resiliency Program. Read press release here.  Additionally, Cisco is committing $225 million in cash, in-kind, and planned-giving to support both the global and local response to COVID-19.  See details in Cisco CEO’s blog.

In the spirit of this giving, our Data Center Networking (DCN) business has announced a series of product and solution promotions across the breadth of our portfolio. These promotions range from up to 50% discounts on our flagship Nexus 9500 Modular switching products, up to 20% on our MDS Fixed and Modular SAN switching products, and free trials for our software solutions DCNM & SAN Analytics, Network Insights Base App among the most recent ones. These promotions have extended expiry dates and offer compelling value-propositions to our customers and partners seeking to refresh and upgrade their Data Center networking infrastructure. In this blog, I will take you on a quick tour of each of these promotions, their key benefits and how they can help you in your immediate business needs while offering investment protection and inter-op with your existing infrastructure to leverage and extend.

What DC promotions are we offering?

We offer essentially 4 major promotions. And these are,

  1. Cisco Nexus 9500 Modular switching promotions
  2. Cisco MDS Fixed and Modular switching promotions
  3. Cisco DCNM and SAN Analytics free trial offer
  4. Cisco Network Insights Base App free trial offers

Nexus 9500 Modular promotions

The Cisco Nexus 9500 Series modular switch promotion bundles include the latest hardware, software, and support with flexible, customer-friendly terms, at a 50-percent discount, for a limited time. The 72 100G port bundles feature the Cisco Nexus 9504 4-slot and Cisco Nexus 9508 8-slot modular switches, with flexibility to add additional line cards.

The promotion comes with either a three-year Advantage or Premier subscription model and enables predictable access to Cisco’s product innovations with the same terms for software, hardware, and support refresh cycles.

Click here for Nexus 9500 Modular promotion details.

MDS Fixed and Modular switching promotions

This promotion comprises a “switches and software bundle promotion” and “64G ready & MDS 9700 series Directors bundles promotion”.

The switches and software bundle promotion provides performance insights for successful deployments, centralized management and visualization, and an easy to purchase all-flash bundle.

With the 64G ready & MDS 9700 series Directors bundle, it is easy to scale to 64G from 32G with the addition of the new FAB-3 modules, advanced SAN upgrade for DCNM and above all a pre-configured bundle at 20% discount.

Click here for MDS Fixed and Modular switching promotion details.

Cisco DCNM and SAN Analytics Free trial

There are two trail offers one MDS SAN analytics and two DCNM.

MDS SAN Analytics trial:

Explore data center networking MDS SAN Analytics for up to 120 days for free. Simply activate the feature on your Cisco MDS 32Gbps portfolio products and quickly start to learn about and see end-to-end metrics within your Cisco MDS SAN fabrics. This capability will provide the detailed information needed to truthfully understand what is happening and where in your Cisco MDS SAN Fabric.

DCNM Trial:

This trial provides the full product capability and allows you see and manage up to 500 MDS and Nexus switches for up to 60 days.  See trends, make changes, and fully understand end-to-end fabric latency all in a single pane of glass.

Click here for Cisco DCNM and MDS SAN Analytics promotion details.

Cisco Network Insights Base App free trial

The Network Insights Base App helps transform your ACI and NX-OS network day-2 operations from reactive to pro-active. Customers can use the App to automatically collect logs across multiple devices and upload them to TAC cloud. The App frees up admins from performing repetitive job of log collection and attaching to TAC case. Take advantage of this free promotional offer that extends until Dec 2020.

Click here for Cisco Network Insights Base App promotion details.

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Ravi Balakrishnan

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Datacenter Solutions