The data center landscape has changed dramatically in several dimensions. Server virtualization is almost a defacto in our customers’ data centers with a big increase in VM density. They are also moving towards world of many clouds.  And then there is the massive data growth. Some studies show that data is doubling in every 2 years while there is an increase in the adoption of solid-state drives (SSD). Several of our customers are also either consolidating their data centers or forming mega data centers. All of these mega trends certainly come with increasing challenges for the Storage Administrator as the storage network is becoming more critical as it is the strategic asset in the Data Centers. 

Take a look at this short video with Richard Darnielle (Director of Product Management for MDS Product lines) and me. Richard shares his insights on the mega trends that will shape the next-generation storage networks.


Guess what? Once again Cisco is here to help you on your journey to addressing these mega trends by raising the bar for storage networks. How you ask?

We will be introducing new solutions into our Unified Data Center and MDS portfolio. Please join our panel of experts in an online event I will be hosting as we discuss how new storage networking solutions from Cisco address new requirements for the SAN while establishing new benchmarks for performance, reliability, and architectural flexibility.  Featured speakers include:

  Bob Laliberte, Senior Analyst, ESG

  Rajeev Bhardwaj, Vice President, Product Management, Cisco

  Richard Darnielle, Director, Product Management, Cisco

 Register here.



Our customers select Cisco as their partner and Cisco Unified FabricNexus and MDS portfolios as their network in their journey to delivering IT as a Service. And there is a reason for that! Unlike other vendors in the industry, Cisco continues to empower you, delivering architectural flexibility, enabling your data center to be a more agile, cost effective and efficient environment, freeing up your time so that you can concentrate on taking care of initiatives that really matter to the business and increasing your bottom line!

Stay tuned… In my next blog, I will introduce our new MDS innovations to you to help you succeed in the SAN environments.



Berna Devrim

Former Senior Manager of Marketing

No Longer at Cisco