Some of our Cisco Services strategy and design consultants and leaders are at CiscoLive in Orlando this week.  If you are around, please take some time to learn from their hands on expertise.  They are the leading exponents in designing and deploying Cisco data center solutions.   If you’ve following my blog posts over the past few years, especially more recently on Cisco Domain TenSM and Cisco ONE as our solution for the challenges of SDN, you may well indeed be interested to meet some of the people behind the innovation and successful customer transformations.


Cisco Domain Ten - Cisco Services Framework for Data Center Transformation
Cisco Domain Ten – Meet the Leading Cisco Domain Ten Experts at CiscoLive this week


We have a few presentations in the Cisco Campus Solutions Theater and also some “Design Centers”.

Meet our experts in the  Cisco Campus Solutions Theater:

  • 12:45 pm, Tue, June 25th–  Topic:  Pragmatic Approach to Transforming UCS
  • Speaker:  Krishnan Subramaniam, Director, Advanced Services

and also

  • 3:45 pm, Wed, June 26th – Topic:  Pragmatic Approach to Transforming UCS
  • Speaker:  Krishnan Subramaniam, Director, Advanced Services

On Cisco Domain Ten …..

  • 5:15 pm, Wed, June 26th – Topic:  “Enabling ITaaS though Cisco Domain TenSM
  • Speaker:  Erik Vogel, Director, Advanced Services

Krishnan is one of our leading experts on data center migration, application migration and in particular RISC application migration to Cisco UCS.  Krishnan has led many of our biggest projects in these areas.  All round great guy  (tell him I told you this 🙂 ).    I’m working with Krishnan and his team around Cloud Application On-boarding, which I discussed a few weeks back in the context of Domain 8: Applications.

Erik is the thought leader behind our Cisco Domain Ten framework.  Erik leads many of the Cisco Domain Ten discovery workshops with customers, helping them figure out their data center transformation strategies.  Another industry leader and, like Krishnan, a pleasure to work with.   Please take some time if you are around to meet them both.

Also, please do look out for our “Design Centers” in the Data Center Cloud or Enterprise Networks areas of the Cisco booth.  Here you can discuss your data center and SDN/Cisco ONE questions with Cisco Services’ solutions architects.  Our solutions architects work with customer globally at the sharp end, helping them translate Cisco technology leadership into business benefit. They are all hands on people, solving design challenges each day – meet them and learn from their hard won experience.

Talk to you on my next blog!


Stephen Speirs

SP Product Management

Cisco Customer Experience (CX)