Businesses move quickly until they have to cross rough roads paved with technical challenges. That’s because even though data centers are sophisticated, the components that support most businesses still include far too many 20th century manual processes, silo based resources and administrators pressured to keep up.

Although automation can speed up IT, and your business,  many companies are wrestling with it. Please watch this video from Cisco and Forrester to understand why organizations are struggling with automation – see if it sounds familiar (I bet it will).


After you watch it, if you want send me a brief email about your experience with these issues.

Automation helped business deliver manufactured products faster in the 20th century. Today IT automation can help your business move faster, whatever your industry.  But you need game changing automation with these non-negotiable attributes:

  • Covers everything from compute, storage, network, virtual, physical, applications, cloud and more
  • It has to be silo agnostic and adaptable to let IT respond to business needs quickly
  • It has to control and cover the complexity processes across resources, so that users simply receive everything they need quickly as a service.

Assimilating automation into your current environment can seem daunting.  So Cisco has a better idea – take it easy.  Instead of implementing large cloud management platforms, automate in smaller, more controlled cross-sections of IT. Learn. Get confident. Expand.   Start with infrastructure and then extend automation in ways that make sense for your business such as platform-as-a-service or hybrid cloud.

Ask and receive now — automation can make IT seem that fast and simple. Start using the right data center automation so you can reach your full potential for operational excellence.


Joann Starke

No Longer with Cisco