Cloud computing is part of the journey to deliver IT as a Service which enables IT to change from a cost center to a business strategic partner. Forrester Research recently published a report that concluded, “Cloud computing is ready for the enterprise… but many enterprises aren’t ready for the cloud.”1   Yet Cloud deployments are happening – and I mean all types of Clouds – Private, Public and Hybrid. In other words, we have entered the World of Many Clouds.

Network touches everything and is a key building block for agile and scalable virtualized and Cloud-based data centers. Yesterday, I have introduced our new Nexus 6000 series and new 40 GE extensions to Nexus 5500 and 2000 Series. Today, I would like to introduce the very first services module for the Nexus 7000 Series.


 As part of Cisco Unified Fabric portfolio, the Nexus 7000, Cisco’s flagship data center switch, which is optimized for data center fabric spine, aggregation and core deployments, will continue to deliver on highest 40GE/100GE scale and industry leading innovations such as LISP, OTV, MPLS/VPLS. The Nexus 7000 Series continues to be an extensible platform and evolves into a services rich platform with the announcement of the first services blade – the Network Analysis Module (NAM) to help customers build service-rich data center network for virtualized and cloud deployments.

The Nexus 7000 NAM brings application-awareness and rich performance analytics.  Network administrators get empowered with unparalleled actionable visibility into network to improve application performance and optimize network resources to help more effectively manage network operations and services delivery in cloud and virtualized deployments. 

• Deeper application awareness combined with performance analytics allows administrators to quickly focus on business-critical applications, ensuring that applications are getting adequate network resources and performing at optimal levels. The capability to recognize applications through Layer 7 permits detailed visibility to effectively manage business applications such as Citrix, Oracle Business Intelligence, Microsoft SQL Server, specifically when deployed across distributed virtualized data centers.  

• Extending network visibility into virtualization and overlay technologies such as OTV, LISP, VXLAN, enables the administrators to optimally design the network for distributed and efficient services delivery. For instance, in OTV environments, the NAM can look inside each overlay to provide traffic statistics and application performance metrics, breaking down the traffic by host, applications, differentiated services code point, VLANs, and conversations.  This allows administrators to analyze overlay traffic, troubleshoot OTV deployment issues, and ensure optimized use of network resources.  To unlock the full potential of such technologies, visibility is paramount. 

• Tying the application and performance intelligence from the NAM to programmatically provisioning network resource and policies delivers the agility needed for the cloud deployments. NAM offers REST/XML API to allow you to extract the computed analytics in the real-time and drive configuration changes using Cisco ONE controller. The onePK service sets allows you to set-up new paths, implement custom routing, or establish access rules, to ensure that the business application is getting the treatment it needs to meet the committed service levels.

Cisco Nexus 7000 Series NAM offers embedded web-based reporting console.  Prepackaged dashboards provide on-demand viewing of network and application performance; in addition, intuitive workflows streamline the troubleshooting and optimization analysis. The user-interface is purpose-designed to offer quick access to critical information needed to accelerate optional decisions.


Please join our panel of experts in an online event as they discuss what’s needed in the data center to embrace a world of many clouds – scalability, extensibility, and openness.  They will also introduce the new Nexus 6000, NAM on Nexus 7000, Cisco ONE Controller and new extensions on Cisco ONE framework. Featured speakers include:

  Andre Kindness, Forrester Research

  Padmasree Warrior, Chief Technology & Strategy Officer, Cisco

  David Yen, Senior Vice President, Data Center Business Group, Cisco

  Ayman Sayed, Vice President, Software Engineering, Cisco

  Shashi Kiran, Senior Director, Data Center Marketing, Cisco

Also our customers will share best practices during the panel discussion.

See  webcast registration here.


Our customers select Cisco Unified FabricNexus and MDS portfolios as their network for the World of Many Clouds. And there is a reason for that! Unlike other vendors in the industry, Cisco continues to empower you with its Unified Fabric, delivering architectural flexibility, enabling your data center to be a more agile, cost effective and efficient environment! With the Nexus 7000 NAM, Cisco now brings deeper application-awareness to the Nexus 7000 platform increasing network visibility and control to improve services delivery.



1“Make the Cloud Enterprise Ready,” Forrester Research, Inc. June 2012


Berna Devrim

Former Senior Manager of Marketing

No Longer at Cisco