We live in a world dominated by digital. As consumers, it is second nature to expect instant access to data, on demand ordering and fast service delivery.  But when we change from consumers to employees our experience is quite different.

Offering a consumer-like experience requires conversion from manual processes to automated delivery providing your organization with speed and efficiency.  Begin this process by focusing on the revenue engine to your business: the data center.  But up until now, calculating the time and cost savings from these types of solutions has been difficult.

Forrester has completed a Total Economic ImpactTM for Cisco UCS Director.  This report provides independent analysis based on the experience of customers using UCS Director in production environments.  They combine this data into a composite organization with defined use cases. Then they calculate the benefits, risks and cost associated with the before and after.

The report contains specific financial tables and data for each use case so you can replace the data from the composite organization with your own.  Financial tables walk you through costs and risks.  You now have a clear understanding on the benefits and costs to deploy Cisco UCS Director.  Let’s be honest.  Isn’t that what you need to get budgetary approval?

Best of all, Cisco UCS Director is the foundational layer for Cisco’s hybrid cloud solution:  Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite.  Your transformation to digital doesn’t have to stop with your data center.  Deploy applications into hybrid environments.  Deliver the consumer-like experience through a self-service portal.  Before you know it, you are providing your customers with a delightful digital experience.

Transformation requires automation at multiple levels of your organization.  Begin your journey by transforming the revenue engine to your business.  Download the report and work through the calculations for yourself.  Then get ready to see what new innovation you can deliver from the 35% operational efficiency delivered by Cisco UCS Director.


Joann Starke

No Longer with Cisco