This blog series focuses on various aspects of Cisco HyperFlex. In today’s blog we’ll take a quick look at how the HyperFlex CSI Operator for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform is packaged and how simple it is for you to setup and configure so developers can be off and running with persistent storage for their container workloads.

HyperFlex now tightly coupled with Open Shift

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform (RHOCP) is one of the most widely adopted container orchestration and Platform as a Service (PaaS) products on the market. RHOCP combines Kubernetes components with additional security and productivity features that enterprises need to develop and deliver software applications.  As if it couldn’t get any better than that, we are excited to now offer the Cisco HyperFlex CSI Operator for Red Hat OpenShift which enables container workloads to leverage highly-available, scalable storage provided by the Cisco HyperFlex hyperconverged platform, coupling two best-of-breed technologies together to support enterprise-class persistent storage with container workloads.

Available as an Operator from RedHat

As the name implies, the Cisco HyperFlex CSI Operator for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform is distributed as an installable “Operator” from the RedHat OpenShift Container Platform OperatorHub. An Operator is a method of packaging, deploying and managing a Kubernetes-native application or service, which essentially functions as a custom controller. A controller is a core concept within Kubernetes which continuously compares, and if necessary, reconciles the desired state and the current state of objects. Objects are well known resources like Pods, Services, ConfigMaps, PersistentVolumes. This additional integration allows a Red Hat OpenShift deployment on top of Cisco HyperFlex to be truly self-reliant, requiring no storage resources from any other external systems.

Video demo – Easy to install and deploy

Now that we know how it’s packaged, take a look at this demo to see how to install and enable the HyperFlex CSI Operator through the Red Hat OpenShift OperatorHub, a web console interface for administrators to use to discover and install Operators. This demonstrates just how easy it is to install and activate the HXCSI operator on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform to efficiently deploy, scale, and manage a production-ready application container environment for enterprise customers.

The following image shows the RedHat OpenShift OperatorHub:



Simplifying applications for hybrid cloud environments

We’ve made Cisco HyperFlex with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform much easier to install and operate. It features a scale-out design, minimizing upfront capital equipment investments and closely aligns ongoing expenses with evolving capacity requirements. It can help you accelerate projects, improve agility, reduce risks, and streamline your digital transformation.




View the install video demonstration

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Nathan Tran

HyperFlex TME, Technical Leader

Cloud and Compute