Nathan Tran

HyperFlex TME, Technical Leader

Cloud and Compute

Nathan Tran joined the company as part of the Springpath acquisition. He is currently a Technical Leader in the HyperFlex Business Unit focusing on hyperconverged infrastructure as it relates to containerized workload, enterprise applications and performance best practices. He has written multiple HyperFlex performance and solution white papers coverings topics from Oracle database, Microsoft solutions, modern containerized workload and various deployment best practice guides. His work includes providing both internal and vendor training as well as speaking at Cisco Live conferences.


October 10, 2022


Focus on HyperFlex: A new operator for Red Hat

2 min read

This blog series focuses on various aspects of Cisco HyperFlex. In today’s blog we’ll take a quick look at how the HyperFlex CSI Operator for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform is packaged and how simple it is for you to setup and configure so developers can be off and running with persistent storage for their container workloads.