Cisco just received wonderful news from SAP: Customers love us!

SAP Pinnacle 2016OK, we already knew that – not because we are all above-average looking (although we are) or because we’re hounded at the grocery story by Cisco groupies (it could happen) – but because we see it consistently in every study of Cisco’s SAP customers.

Last month’s IDC survey is a great example.

IDC found on average, SAP users who implement on Cisco UCS realize a whopping 528% ROI and an incredibly rapid 9 month payback!

So although this is welcome news, it isn’t a surprise to learn that Cisco was selected as a Finalist for SAP’s 2016 Pinnacle Award in the Customer Choice: Build category.

IDC InfographicWe’re especially honored to receive this award because it’s dependent upon unsolicited customer nominations; meaning the most important people in the world vote on this, Real Life Customers.

Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure is the secret handshake that makes it happen. Our SAP customers benefit from fully integrated compute, storage, and network solutions that are tested and certified, and further supported by our unique Cisco Validated Designs (CVDs).

SAP’s customer award for Build, i.e., deployment, is further evidence that our SAP solutions really do what they are designed to do:

  • Shorten implementation time,
  • Improve manageability,
  • Enhance security,
  • Drive superior ROI, and most importantly,
  • Help our customers become more competitive and improve their bottom line.

A sincere thank-you to all our customers who showed us the Love with your votes.  For anybody interested in learning more, please talk to a Cisco representative or visit our SAP website to find out if “Superior ROI” is right for you.



Brian Ferrar

Enterprise Marketing Manager

UCS & Data Center