New 2023 SEAL Sustainable Product Award for Cisco UCS X-Series reflects growing demand for energy efficiency and power management.

IT is under pressure to operate more sustainably as companies put a higher priority on environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG). With , they are a natural target for energy-saving initiatives.

Today, the need for more energy-efficient and intelligent power management is greater than ever.

If you consider that large enterprises will have thousands of servers deployed in their data centers globally, the sustainability math adds up quickly. At Cisco, energy efficiency and advanced power management have been hallmarks of Cisco UCS modular servers going back to the original servers we delivered in 2009.

Recognition for Cisco UCS X-Series

I’m delighted to share that Cisco UCS X-Series has earned the 2023 SEAL Sustainable Product Award, which honors products that are “purpose-built” for a sustainable future. SEAL is an organization that drives real accountability for environmental progress, and I am incredibly proud of the design and engineering teams who worked so hard to make this product a reality.

As customers make purchasing and deployment decisions according to sustainability benefits, UCS X-Series offers a range of benefits:

  • The latest-generation of the UCS X-Series (M7) is 54 percent more energy efficient at the processing (CPU) level than previous generations.
  • As a modular blade computing system that can be upgraded and reused, the UCS X-Series can drive 50 percent lower consumption of raw materials than traditional rack servers over three generations.
  • UCS X-Series is cloud managed by Cisco Intersight, enabling constant monitoring in terms of energy usage. Because Intersight is SaaS-based, customers gain visibility of compute power utilization across all their data centers, sites, and locations in one tool, enabling them to dynamically adjust power usage for optimal efficiency.
  • UCS X-Series features a future-ready architecture that can make a major impact in terms of sustainability. An example is the ability to incorporate liquid cooling technology for servers as that technology becomes mainstream. In general, liquid cooling can be up to 60 percent more energy efficient than air-cooled servers.
  • With innovations like UCS X-Fabric with PCI node for GPU workloads, which won CRN’s 2023 Tech Innovator Award, UCS X-Series enables customers to balance the performance needed to tackle compute-intensive workloads like AI/ML with their growing focus on sustainability.

Delivering benefits that matter

In real-world comparisons to the 64 previous-generation servers Cisco UCS X-Series is replacing, the benefits are even more pronounced. Customers can use more than three times less hardware overall, saving precious rack space and reducing almost 100,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy. That is the equivalent of powering 10 residential homes for a full year, saving almost 40 metric tons of carbon dioxide (tCO2e) emissions.

We are proud to receive this recognition for Cisco UCS X-Series. It is a c omputing platform that is revolutionizing data center design, operations, and sustainability—all while making it easier for customers to power their digital businesses whilemeeting their companies’ ESG initiatives.


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Jeremy Foster

Senior Vice President & General Manager

Cisco Compute