Modernize data centers with an integrated hyperconverged primary and secondary data solution

You may be surprised to learn that more than 80% of any organization’s data is considered secondary – this includes, but not limited to, backups, archives and tiered storage. The challenge does not lie in the sheer core of the secondary data itself. Instead it lies in the ability to access and use it.

Traditional backup products to store and manage secondary data are siloed and inefficient, leading to mass data fragmentation. They’ve been built over time using a myriad of technologies and vendors. In today’s ever-changing and growing world of data, this approach can be costly and ineffective.

Customers need a way to consolidate all enterprise data – both primary and secondary – onto an integrated and easy-to-manage solution with hyperconverged simplicity, multi-cloud agility, and global efficiency and visibility.

Working together with Cohesity, Cisco is helping customers realize the value of all their precious data. Through our joint solution, Cisco and Cohesity can help simplify the entire data stack for both primary and secondary data into an integrated, hyperconverged architecture, unlocking amazing new opportunities for our customers.

An all-in-one Simplified Architecture for Primary and Secondary Data

The Cisco and Cohesity solution consolidates primary data and apps on Cisco HyperFlex™ with secondary data on the Cohesity DataPlatform, all built on one unified architecture based on the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS).


Cisco HyperFlex® is an established leader in the hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) market and has delivered immense value to our customers through our seamless approach to deliver Simplicity, Performance and Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for customers. Customer adoption and market analyst feedback has proven that Cisco’s HyperFlex strategy and execution is spot on, and we’re now universally acknowledged as a leader in hyperconvergence.

Similarly Cohesity is a leader in simplifying secondary data, and Cohesity’s modern backup and recovery combined with Cisco UCS® lets customers protect, store and manage data with unprecedented simplicity. This helps customers reduce cost, complexity and security risk while accelerating their ability to derive business value from data.

This combination of HyperFlex and Cohesity thus helps customers to truly modernize datacenter architectures and simplify their entire lifecycle of data management. This integrated solution is fully validated by Cisco through its trusted Cisco Validated Design program.

Cisco HyperFlex with Cohesity Data Protection – Cisco Validated Design

Cisco and Cohesity SolutionsPlus Agreement Expands Opportunities for Customers Globally

At Cisco, we are always seeking new ways to help our customers and partners to simplify, improve and grow their businesses. To further this, we recently entered into a SolutionsPlus agreement with Cohesity and as a result Cohesity software products will be added to Cisco’s Global Price List. This gives Cisco’s extensive direct and channel sales network the ability to offer Cohesity’s modern backup and recovery products.

For customers, this adds a further level of simplicity, as they can now purchase the entire validated solution including Cisco HyperFlex, Cisco UCS and the Cohesity Data Platform from a single source.

Our strong channel partner community at Cisco leads market transitions and enables customers to embrace and capture new opportunities with digital transformation. While accelerating partner growth is foundational to our business model, simplification is increasingly important to our customers.

That’s why this SolutionsPlus agreement with Cohesity is so important. It brings together two industry leaders– giving companies around the globe access to a truly modern web-scale data platform that consolidates data silos and dramatically simplifies management on-premises and in multi-cloud environments.

As the increasing focus and importance of data and analytics makes efficient data management and access a necessity across the enterprise, Cisco and Cohesity customers can now easily manage backup, recovery and data growth, while reducing costs, complexity and security risks.

So, instead of struggling to maintain control over a sprawling data landscape, they can finally tap into their treasure troves of data to derive the business value from within.


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Vijay Venugopal

Vice President Product Management

Cisco Cloud and Compute Software