When we launched UCS Mini, it pushed us into new territory with an exciting offering that bundles servers, storage and networking into a single solution — much like the traditional UCS — but in a smaller form factor and lowered the cost of entry to a UCS solution. It allows customers of any size (SMB, ROBO, and distributed enterprises) to take advantage of UCS.

Building off of infoTECH Spotlight and Best of InterOp Finalist awards, I wanted to catch you up on some recently posted customer’s success stories for UCS Mini. Most interesting is that they are five very different business from the Australia, Belgium, Mexico, and the United States.

Virtual Consulting Professionals

VCpro is an end to end technology solutions provider specializing in the design, development, deployment, and support of enterprise level solutions for servers, storage, infrastructure and end user computing, in the corporate, education, government and healthcare markets of Australia. Not only do they sell UCS Mini / Nimble Storage SmartStack solutions, they run their business on it. Read the case study here.


Kind en Gezin

A Belgium government agency which serves several thousand families when mothers are pregnant until each child’s third birthday. They may not have massive computing needs, but they has vital data needs to serve parents and children with their services. UCS Mini has helped them cut their costs and give families better value. Read the case study here.


Consorcio Peredo

Salespeople from Consorcio Peredo sell goods ranging from refrigerators to automobiles. They need complete product data, ready to go but were having problems with their legacy system. They went from five racks of equipment down to one. What other benefits were achieved with UCS Mini? Read the case study here (or in Spanish here).


Advanced Medical Transport

AMT is helping to save lives in 40 communities by providing emergency services and patient transport throughout central Illinois and southeastern Iowa. They went from 36 rackmount servers to UCS Mini as a SmartStack with Nimble Storage replacing their legacy SAN. Read the case study here.


Peak 10

A national IT infrastructure provider based in Charlotte, N.C., offering cloud, data center, networking, and managed services. UCS Mini allows them to offer services that match their customers’ compliance and maintenance needs. By how much have the reduced their server build times? How much has their cabling been reduced? Read the case study here.


To find out how UCS Mini might help your business, read the Solutions Overview or visit Cisco.com.


UCS Mini with B200 M4 Blades


Bill Shields

Senior Marketing Manager

Product and Solutions Marketing Team