Cisco Nexus 9000 Series switches are built from the ground up with scalability and open API’s  to meet the needs of our customers. Some of our webscale customers running large scalable data centers prefer to choose specific hardware and software to meet their unique requirements.

Last year, we announced new portability options for data center networking software (NX-OS) and Nexus hardware. Cisco made available the Switch Abstraction Interface (SAI), a standard-based ASIC API that allows Nexus 9300 switches with Cloud Scale technology to interact with third-party operating systems (OS).

Recently, Cisco started shipping the Nexus 9336C 100G leaf switch that delivers key hardware innovations for modern cloud infrastructure. SAI has been available on Nexus 9300 100G and 40G top of rack switches (Nexus 9232C, Nexus 92304 and Nexus 9364C) and Cisco extended that SAI support to this switch as well. Here is a quick summary of the Nexus 9336C innovations:

  • 36-port 100G leaf switch with features for modern cloud infrastructure, ideal for 25G/ 50G/100G server environments;
  • Smart buffers for AI/ML use cases requiring low latency RoCEv2 traffic
  • Industry-leading telemetry capabilities with built-in flow table and statistics export capabilities for continuous monitoring and insights.

Cisco continues to work closely with our webscale customers to deliver various operating and consumption models that enable increased agility and a lower total cost of ownership.  This week at the TIP Summit in London (Oct. 16, 17) we are showcasing two solutions.

  • The first demo features the Nexus 9364C switch running SAI/ SONIC.
  • The second demo showcases Cisco’s NX-OS running on a Facebook Wedge 32p 100G top of rack switch.

To view the demos, please visit us at the Cisco booth: TIP Summit.

We remain committed to the success of our customers by providing innovative Nexus hardware and NX-OS software options.  Cisco continues to meet the needs of resource-constrained IT professionals with a dynamic data center infrastructure that is easy to manage, affordable and flexible.



Tony Antony