When it comes to HashiConf Digital 2020, virtual is real. With 12,000+ attendees, sold-out sessions and workshops, distinguished industry speakers in infrastructure automation and management, you do not need more proof-points. In recent years, HashiCorp has taken the industry by storm with a slew of brand name products like Terraform (Infrastructure as Code), Consul (Secure Service Networking) and rides the Data Center management space like a Colossus. Cisco and HashiCorp are a perfect pair that has brought to market innovative joint solutions last week via a major launch. View our previous blog for details. Cisco-HashiCorp joint partnership focuses on integrations featuring Cisco’s flagship SDN network automation platform ACI, MSO, and HashiCorp’s talismanic Terraform and Consul. Check out our DevNet Sandboxes to get a deep-dive developer experience. To carry our successful launch further, we have a rolling thunder approach to bring to market our innovations showcase, and our decision to sponsor this event at a Platinum level is testimony to our growing partnership.

Cisco innovations showcase

Lightning Talks – As a platinum sponsor, Cisco gets two live, 15-minute lightning talks per day, on October 14 and 15. Lightning Talks are a great opportunity for attendees to connect with Cisco SME and one another virtually. For this conference, we have selected topics that are engaging and will drive interactive and thoughtful engagement. See specifics with date and time and speaker information below. Attendees can post questions via through chat during the sessions.

In-Fabric Auto-Scaling with Consul and Cisco ACI
October 14, 15 mins — Nicolas Vermande

In this talk, we’re going to see HashiCorp Consul Network Infrastructure Automation (NIA) using Terraform with consul-terraform-sync natively interact with Cisco ACI network to manage network artifacts as the application demands it. In particular, we’re going to demonstrate how services can automatically scale-out and scale-in while maintaining a zero trust model.

Terraform Your Cisco ACI Multicloud Network
October 14, 15 mins — Lionel Hercot

Customers have embraced a Multi-Cloud network infrastructure to align with the accelerated application development and deployment pace. To address this challenge, Cisco ACI and Cisco Multi-Site Orchestrator provide them a way to configure their Multi-Cloud network in a programmable way. Join us to see how HashiCorp Terraform and Cisco MSO work together to automate the deployment of a new application and the necessary network constructs across your on-premises data center, Azure and AWS clouds.

Codify Security in K8s w/ Terraform, GitOps & ACI
October 15, 15 mins — Nicolas Vermande

Dealing with network security in dynamic environment such as Kubernetes is never easy. It’s even harder to deploy a consistent security model addressing both the cloud native environment and the data center network. In this talk, we’re going to explore how developers can natively, using native Kubernetes constructs, deploy a new isolated application environment that is dynamically and automatically secured by Cisco ACI in a GitOps fashion, using Terraform and Kubernetes operators.

Monitor and Optimize Applications with Consul ACI App
October 15, 15 mins — Ahmed Dessouki

Traditionally, data center operations involve multiple personas, such as NetOps, DevOps, Application owners, SecOps, and CloudOps – all working in silos, resulting in lack of end-to-end application stack awareness. In this session, you will learn how Cisco’s ACI integration with HashiCorp Consul App via DC App Center will benefit your business with visibility and enable secure, easier-to-operate Microservices.


The first 3 lighting talks will have demos driven by senior technical marketing engineers, Lionel Hercot, and Nicolas Vermande, while leaving the last lighting talk, presented by Ahmed Dessouki, Sr. Manager of Product Management, focused on Hashicorp Consul’s recent integration with ACI and the business benefits to its customers.

What’s coming next?

We have several activities lined-up for ACI-Terraform afficionados in near future.

First, there is DevNet Create on October 13. DevNet Create is a developer community event designed to learn from and provide opportunities to network with those who are already making the most of the new – while getting you to the next level, and beyond. Don’t miss Lionel Hercot’s Channel 3 session, “Making your network cloud native wit Cisco ACI and GitOps.” Come see how you can use Cisco ACI, Hashicorp Terraform, Kubernetes Operators and Git together to teleport your network into the cloud native future and discover how GitOps can help your day to day infrastructure-as-code management. We also have Asha Hegde’s session on the same channel focused on, “Extend your Data Center Assurance & Insights capabilities through open API and 3rd party integrations”. Check agenda for details on event website referred above.

Second, we have a Cisco Customer Connection program briefing coming up on October 22. Register as a community member of the Customer Connection Program (CCP) to join a unique and deep technical presentation with hands-on demo:

Learn how to use Cisco ACI and HashiCorp Terraform to build a Hybrid Multi-Cloud Network

For additional context, CCP is Cisco’s global online user group program that gives customers direct access to Cisco product teams, product roadmaps, monthly briefings and opportunities to give feedback on the direction of Cisco products, services and digital experiences. So, please don’t miss this opportunity.

Third, Cisco Exec and VP, Thomas Scheibe led another high-touch CUBE interview on October 8. The topic is top of mind for most network automation personas today and features nuggets of accelerating automation with Cisco DevNet. Stay tuned, the interview will be available on demand soon.

Lastly, we have planned may joint engagements with HashiCorp in industry events and webinars. Stay tuned on social media and check out our DevNet hub for ACI & MSO sandboxes, code samples, learning labs and see the new ACI-Terraform solution in action.


We are glad to connect with you this year at the HashiConf Digital and hope you will gain a good understanding of how Cisco and HashCorp can help you with secure service networking, Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and other emerging innovations in Data Center Management and Automation. We invite you to continue your journey with us by visiting our DevNet landing page and our launch ACI home page and hope you gain further knowledge of the products and solutions we will feature during the event and connect with us to continue the conversation.

We look forward to seeing you next week!


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Ravi Balakrishnan

Senior Product Marketing Manager

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