Cisco’s UCS portfolio has grown significantly over the past few months. Just recently we announced our new storage server brand, the S Series. Before that, a few months earlier, we brought to market HyperFlex Systems, Cisco’s complete hyperconverged infrastructure offering engineered on Cisco UCS.

Intel has been by our side for each of these product introductions with their Xeon Processor powering both. A long time Cisco UCS partner, Intel’s architectures and processor efficiencies help to deliver the performance and scale available to you with the UCS portfolio.

Cisco Hyperconvergence may be new to some of you so to help you learn about HyperFlex we are teaming once again with Intel and will be delivering a joint webinar on the topic of extending hyperconvergence into your UCS environments. Please feel free to join us live on Dec. 1 and listen to Cisco’s Jeff MacTavish and Intel’s Craig LoConti. Please join us HERE.

Jeff and Craig will explore how you can achieve a truly adaptive infrastructure using complete hyperconvergence which extends the benefits of simplicity and speed to more applications and use cases. They will also describe how to fully unlock the potential of Hyperconvergence as part of a comprehensive data center strategy with HyperFlex Systems, powered by Intel Xeon Processors.

If you want to do a little webinar pre-study, here’s a fun way to learn about HyperFlex. You can decide on your own what side you want to be on!

Video: Introducing Cisco HyperFlex Systems – Choose Wisely

We often learn best from others and this is true in the case of HyperFlex, too. Customers such as Ready Pac Foods and the Blue Pearl Veterinarians are yielding business benefits based on their Cisco HyperFlex. Your organization can, too.

We look forward to having you online December 1. If you can’t make it you can learn more on Cisco HyperFlex, please visit www.cisco.com/go/hyperflex.


Rex Backman

Senior Marketing Manager, Big Data Solutions

Data Center and Cloud