Orlando is a favorite destination for celebrations, reunions and key events. Families enjoy the many amenities offered by the theme parks and hotels to augment the festivities. Cisco is celebrating 20 years as an SAP premier partner and what better place to have a 20-year anniversary with our SAP customers than Sapphire NOW 2019.

We are planning several activities at our Sapphire booth 935 that will expand your knowledge, generate some new ideas, and show you how to maximize your investment in SAP solutions.

Here is a quick preview of Cisco’s Sapphire plans as a premier event sponsor.

Breakout session Thursday May 9 11:00 am– 11:30 am. Led by Siva Sivakumar, Cisco’s Senior Director for Cisco UCS solutions, learn how Cisco and SAP work together to deliver responsive and innovative solutions for the SAP landscape that are multicloud, multisite ready for the SAP intelligent enterprise. Siva will discuss how Cisco UCS solutions now shipping with Intel Optane™ DC memory can scale SAP HANA and the SAP landscape to larger capacities at a reduced TCO.

At Cisco’s booth: Theater and demonstrations

Bring your SAP Data Center where your SAP Data lives with Cisco UCS.

Cisco representatives will demonstrate how to take the mystery out of managing SAP performance with UCS systems. Only Cisco UCS and Cisco HyperFlex servers treat infrastructure as code and allow you to use polices to dynamically define how your Intel Optane DC persistent memory is effectively leveraged with SAP solutions. Be sure to read about these new capabilities in my colleague Bill Shield’s blog.

Speaking of Cisco HyperFlex….

Did you know that Cisco HyperFlex, is now certified for SAP HANA deployments? Come learn about how Cisco’s hyperconverged solution delivers the performance needed for SAP application workloads and the databases they use with simple management, reduced TCO, and cloud-like flexibility. Ask how our system achieved a 7-to-1 reduction in I/O operations per second (IOPS) variability and a threefold reduction in read/write latency, validated by third party testing.

Is Securing your SAP environment keeping you up at night?

Attend Cisco’s demonstrations of enterprise security solutions where we will show how Cisco StealthWatch and Cisco Tetration stays vigilante in protecting the lifeblood of your enterprise; your company data.

Learn about SAP Data Hub at the Cisco Booth

And come away with new ideas on ways to maximize its efficacy with Cisco Solutions for SAP Data Hub. These include Cisco’s Kubernetes based container platform, Cisco Container platform. Learn why the quickest way to get Data Hub up and running on-premises is by deploying it in conjunction with Cisco Container Platform. Stay for the theater presentation to learm more about  our solutions for SAP Data Hub and how they leverage hybrid clouds for big data processing.

Explore Cisco DNA spaces

Cisco DNA Spaces and SAP together can enhance and create a new line of business use cases leveraging on-location behavior data. Cisco representatives will show how Cisco DNA Spaces helps you learn more about people (visitors, employees) and things (assets, sensors) within your properties using existing Wi-Fi infrastructure. Through the integration of location data to SAP Analytics cloud, develop an end-to-end view of the entire enterprise and customer journey. Think of the possible solutions this provides for any SAP initiative.

Leverage Cisco Webex platform as basis for seamless SAP workflow integration & collaboration

When the shop floor is operating poorly, the entire enterprise suffers, and a crucial part of each workflow/process is human interaction. Cisco representatives will show how to leverage SAP data driven collaboration for an improved handling of business processes. Starting from an incident on the machine, directly engaging remote experts, accessing the right documents and transparently linking to the SAP CRM. See how you build a secure E2E process integrating Cisco Webex and SAP CRM to improve customer-lifetime-value.

Stop by the Cisco Booth 935, have a cappuccino at our coffee bar, and stay for our theater and demonstrations. And help us celebrate our 20 years as an SAP partner.

Don’t forget to follow us on social media for daily updates during the show using the @CiscoDC handle on Twitter, tagging us, and use #SAPPHIRENOW. And if you are not attending, visit the Cisco and SAP partnership page.




Maggie Smith

Marketing Manager

Enterprise Solutions - Data Center Marketing