Last week the Big Data and Analytics world was focused on New York City as the annual Strata+Hadoop World event took place. Cisco, as is the norm these past few years, was one of the many sponsors of the event. With our sponsorship came various opportunities, one of which was the ability for us to present a short keynote to the Strata+Hadoop audience.

It’s this Cisco keynote, a short 5-minute story presented by Cisco UCS Marketing Director Todd Brannon, that I want to highlight in this blog. Our story is a quick synopsis of Cisco’s involvement at the recent Rio Olympics – a true Olympic-sized example of Big Data and Analytic use cases in action.

Technology had a major impact on the 2016 Olympics at all levels

As Todd states Strata is about “Big Things” and the Olympics, specifically the recent Rio Games, was a pretty big deal for us.  At Rio, Cisco architected, delivered, and managed a unifying infrastructure that allowed for the digitization of the games – sensors, networks, compute, and more. Take a listen to Todd’s video and learn about the scope, challenges involved, and the results.

Digital Transformation is real. Todd’s short keynote at Strata shows just one example albeit a very, very large and extremely visible one! Big Data and Analytics is at the core of a Digital Transformation journey.  Cisco understands this and can help in your journey.

To learn more about our Big Data and Analytics architectures and solutions, visit www.cisco.com/go/bigdata.


Rex Backman

Senior Marketing Manager, Big Data Solutions

Data Center and Cloud