It’s finally here- the new Data Center and Cloud community framework has launched! We created new content spaces for Compute and Storage, Software Defined Networks, Data Center and Networking, and OpenStack and OpenSource Software.

Cisco Data Center and Cloud Community Infrastructure

Why Community? Top Three Reasons

Just in case you didn’t know why you should be a part of the community, here are three reasons why you should visit today…

sharingiscaring1) You will be with a group of like-minded people with similar goals.

The Cisco Data Center & Cloud Community is designed for IT professionals using or considering Cisco data center and cloud technologies.  Everyone joining the Cisco Data Center and Cloud community has realized that there is strength in numbers.  Whether you are kicking the tires or deep in the weeds with deployment- you are among peers in community.

2) You have access to Cisco product management team and experts.

In the Data Center and Cloud community you have a unique environment to engage with the product management and engineering team who can give you insight into the nuts and bolts of Cisco products and answer those tough questions.

3) You have access to a huge number of resources. community111

Believe it or not, you are a resource, yes YOU! Not only are you a resource but everyone in the community is a resource. The great thing about the community is that you can see if someone has already tried it and if it has worked. Ask questions and get answers on the technical topics you’re struggling with. Help others who are not as far along down in their project as you are and see the love come back to you in kind. Community is a place for you to share your gifts and talents in and set yourself apart not only as a leader but as a trusted advisor.

If you are already a part of the community, post a comment telling me how community has been a help to you!

To get started in the Cisco Data Center and Cloud community go here.


Melanie Kraintz

No Longer with Cisco