How can modern hybrid cloud infrastructure deliver a number of important benefits?

DevOps innovation continues to accelerate and applications are more dynamic and distributed than ever before. Businesses have become increasingly reliant on software-driven services and cloud operating models. As a result, many IT teams are finding themselves at a proverbial crossroads:

  • Do they continue to expand and maintain their existing infrastructure, which may be too rigid, too siloed, and too burdensome to support the unrelenting waves of digital change?
  • Do they lift and shift everything to the cloud, which will invariably hinder their visibility and control, create additional complexity, and may introduce unforeseen costs?
  • Or do they modernize their infrastructure to match the performance, flexibility, intelligence, and scale of the workloads, and, in turn, the users and organizations – they support?

While legacy infrastructure and cloud services are certainly viable options for select workloads and services, they become unsustainable and cost-prohibitive when they are tasked with supporting a company’s entire software portfolio. Modern hybrid cloud infrastructure, and on the other hand, can deliver a number of important benefits.

Here are 7 reasons to modernize your hybrid cloud infrastructure:

  1. Increased application performance 
  2. Faster infrastructure and application delivery via software-defined automation
  3. Better systems visibility and orchestration with single-pane-of-glass management
  4. Cost reduction with fewer software licenses and lower power and cooling overhead
  5. Increased systems integration and fewer operational siloes
  6. Improved application assurance and end-user experience
  7. Better security, compliance, and risk mitigation from core to edge to cloud

Most importantly is, that a modern hybrid cloud infrastructure can future-proof a data center, match the pace of software and service innovation, and push the business forward. Everything without compromise.

Built for the generation Cloud

We know that our customers say ‘yes’ to new possibilities. That’s why we developed the revolutionary Unified Computing System (UCS). Its an API-data center infrastructure driven business computing platform. It offers convergence, streamlined virtualization, simplified management and seamless automation. The system is built for the generation Cloud. Our customer like ITX a global mobility leader in Switzerland, the Dodgers who revolutionized data analytics on and off the field, or EXMAR who accelerated IT delivery and application performance at a much lower TCO. They are all rely on our solution to drive innovation.

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