In today’s business environment, many companies working in globally distributed markets need their employees to relocate abroad. They are looking for a highly secure data center infrastructure that is easy to manage and ready to run any application. Yet supporting international mobility can be a major challenge in a fully connected world. In the age of always-on and always-connected, Swiss company ITX advises international companies on global mobility, simplifying expatriation programs through better cost control while fully adhering to regulations. ITX delivers highly-customized services ranging from on-request studies to full operational solutions.

Availability of data anytime, anywhere

ITX prides itself as being an “always available” company, with teams from Switzerland, the UK, and Singapore working closely together. Having the latest technology is a key success factor for both ITX and its customers, which is why the company centralizes all data related to mobility, making sure it’s available to the customer anytime and anywhere. It also uses the data for comprehensive analysis, providing key insights for business decisions.

ITX needs a highly secure data center infrastructure that is easy to manage and ready to run any application, in any cloud, anywhere in the world – with high availability and consistent performance assured from core to edge. That’s why ITX decided to install Cisco HyperFlex.

Unleash your business-critical applications with All NVMe performance

ITX is the first company in Europe to deploy the latest Cisco HyperFlex All NVMe Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) in its data centers. Utilizing the Stretch Cluster capability of the platform in combination with the performance of NVMe drive technology, ITX is able to maximize both performance and business continuity. Cisco Intersight SaaS-based system management adds cloud-based intelligence for the intuitive management of ITX’s entire computing infrastructure through a single console. They are now equipped with a highly secure data center infrastructure that is easy to manage and ready to run any application.

What is NVMe technology and what makes it different?

In simplest terms, NVM Express (non-volatile memory express), or NVMe for short, is a storage protocol that connects the storage media and CPU across a PCIe bus, replacing the more traditional SATA or SAS controller. When compared to SATA or SAS, NVMe is a much more efficient. The PCIe/NVMe interface eliminates the bottlenecks associated with traditional protocols to deliver faster I/O speeds, lower latency (both read and write), and the ability to handle more queries at a time. It’s basically like going from a two-lane road between your CPU and storage to an eight- lane highway.

Key NVMe benefits include:

  • NVMe allows faster access to data. It delivers higher throughput, lower latency, and gives more consistent response times to improve your end user experience when accessing data.
  • NVMe enhanced digital services. It powers your performance-sensitive, real-time customer and user experiences to differentiate the business and gives you a competitive edge.
  • NVMe maximises VM density. You will get the application performance requirements with greater infrastructure density to reduce your energy and floor space consumption.

Cisco Hyperflex All NVMe nodes utilize Intel Optane SSD’s to deliver the highest performance for mission-critical data center workloads, while Cisco Intersight automates data center provisioning and management. Together, these solutions simplify the hyperconverged environment and bring a new level of storage performance.

ITX now has a data center environment that is faster to deploy and easier to manage and scale. Perfect for the operational needs of ITX and any business with globally distributed locations and a highly mobile workforce.

If you want to learn more about the experience ITX has with Cisco HyperFlex, listen to the webinar recording and get the details or read more about ITX and HyperFlex.