Fresh Stroopwafels, beautiful canals and historic museums are calling! It’s time to bring your networking best, get ready to taste great cheeses, and bring your inquiring minds to Cisco Live EMEA in Amsterdam from Feb 6-9th, 2023.

Cisco Live is all about celebrating our customers. As the place where the best and the brightest minds in IT come to learn, Cisco Live will ignite creativity, deliver practical knowledge, and accelerate the connections that fuel your digital future. The data center networking team has a full agenda with technical and strategic sessions planned for you. The focus is on

  • Implementing core data center infrastructure functions by leveraging as-a-service models to deliver performance, security, and agility at the right scale that you need.
  • Expanding deployment options by integrating hybrid cloud into a holistic architectural approach for application delivery.
  • Enhancing your ability to meet your SLAs by investing in infrastructure automation, skills, and tools.

Still need convincing?

Here are five reasons why Cisco Live EMEA in Amsterdam is buzzing with excitement:

Cloud-managed Nexus networking

Cisco Nexus Cloud gives our customers the option to run their network operations as-a-service with simplicity, visibility, and sustainability. Nexus Cloud supports both our flagship Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) architecture as well as NX-OS based Nexus deployments. Our customers now have the choice to use Nexus Cloud (delivered as a service) and/or Nexus Dashboard (delivered as a product) to operate their cloud networking infrastructure. To make this truly a choice and keep licensing simple, customers can use the same switch license for full functionality in Nexus Cloud or Nexus Dashboard.

Figure 1: Cisco Nexus Cloud Global View

400G/800G transition

Learn about our blueprint for helping hyperscalers and webscale customers deliver richer cloud applications and services, while balancing their needs for higher performance, cost effective yet more efficient, hence more sustainable networking infrastructure. Play with our recently shipping 400G Nexus platforms. We recently announced our first 800G Nexus product to the rich Nexus portfolio that is showcased, the Nexus 9232E is a 1RU Nexus switch with 32 ports of 800G.

Figure 2: Cisco Nexus 9232E

Hybrid cloud management

Automate and operate hybrid cloud networks with the intuitive and centralized management console, Cisco Nexus Dashboard, to streamline and rapidly ensure, change, scale, and troubleshoot.  With Nexus Dashboard Insights, learn how to minimize troubleshooting time with flow analytics and one-click remediation across Cisco ACI or Cisco Nexus Dashboard Fabric Controller (NDFC) fabrics. NDFC manages Cisco NX-OS enabled deployments including LAN fabrics, SAN fabrics, and IP Fabric for Media (IPFM). Achieve extensive visibility, automation, and operations management for your Cisco Nexus-powered data center.

When applications are scattered across on prem, whether Cisco ACI or NX-OS fabrics to a single cloud, or to multiple public clouds, Nexus Dashboard with Nexus Dashboard Orchestrator and Cloud Network Controller provides a single and unified platform to enable consistent operations and easily connect and manage your hybrid cloud network operations.


Figure 3: Cisco Nexus Dashboard platform

Leading Fabric architecture

Accelerate network deployments with consistent policy and automation, aligned to applications with Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) that is a comprehensive networking solution for data centers, enabling businesses to be more agile, minimizing downtime.

ACI enables automation that accelerates infrastructure deployment and governance, simplifies management to easily move workloads across a multifabric, multicloud framework, and proactively secures against risk arising from anywhere. It radically simplifies, optimizes, and expedites the application deployment lifecycle.

Storage modernization

Cisco delivers a SAN portfolio of 32G and 64G innovative solutions which allow customers to build, operate and scale their storage networks to meet their unique business needs. Cisco SAN provides investment protection, such as seamless migrations, unmatched scale and performance, real-time analytics, and patented SAN congestion prevention technology.

Experience the World of Solutions – Cisco, partners, learning, networking – all in one place

Find us in the following areas in the World of Solutions:

  • IT Ops area

Open the ‘curtain’ into our first-ever IT Operations Center and learn about Cisco’s innovative software solutions powering hybrid work. From cloud managed NetOps and insights to threat intelligence monitoring and collaboration control, discover the latest software platforms that enable management, visibility, and end-to-end security of your networks, clouds, and apps. Check out our Nexus Cloud demonstration.

  • Hybrid Cloud area

Accelerate your business from the data center to the network edge and cloud, with infrastructure built for scale and performance. Cisco Cloud and Data Center offers industry-leading automation, programmability, and real-time visibility for the speed of today’s business. See Nexus Dashboard at work, hybrid cloud operations and our latest Cisco Nexus switching and MDS innovations.

  • Service Provide (SP) Wonderwall

Service Providers are the backbones delivering the hybrid work experience. To ensure service quality, providers need the network to support service SLAs without adding complexity or limits to scalability. Learn to build differentiated service experiences on a simplified network with real-time network visibility, and how automation minimizes environmental impacts.

  • Networking Wall

Connect, secure, and automate your digital business – from user to app – in a cloud-first world. Cisco Networking provides AI-powered automation, control, and trust-based security to simplify and scale IT operations, deliver unparalleled experiences for users, and help organizations accelerate their digital-first strategy.

  • The Hub

Join us for gamified hands-on labs and activities at The Hub. Challenge yourself with a game of Capture the Flag (CTF) with the Data Center and Cloud missions and learn how to automate your on-prem compute, network, storage and container operations to make your own infrastructure operate like the cloud. Here are the exciting missions:

      • Escape the rapids with Nexus Cloud
      • Mining acquisitions with Nexus Dashboard Insights
      • Accelerate infrastructure deployment with ACI 6.0
      • Managing Network Security Policies with Cisco & AlgoSec
      • Escape the IT room with Nexus Dashboard Insights & ServiceNow

Gain hands-on experience as you solve real lab challenges. Collect points as you complete a game and earn a spot on the CTF leaderboard. There are exciting prizes to be won during the game for the enthusiastic participants and at the end of the game for the top winners.

We invite you to our Product Solution Overview (PSO) sessions to learn more:

  • Flexing Your Choice Muscle: Choosing Locally Hosted and/or Cloud-Based Cloud Network Management – PSOCLD-1802

Nexus Cloud gives our customers the option to run their network operations as-a-service with simplicity, visibility, and sustainability. Nexus Cloud supports both our flagship Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) architecture as well as NX-OS based Nexus deployments. You now have the choice to use Nexus Cloud (delivered as a service) and/or Nexus Dashboard (delivered as a product) to operate their cloud networking infrastructure. To understand the flexibility of choice and simple licensing, join us to hear about the full functionality and business value of Nexus Cloud and Nexus Dashboard.

  • Managing Multiple Environments with a Single Policy: Securely Expand to Multicloud with One Centralized Solution – PSOCLD-1801

Learn how to get the same automation, multicloud, and security capabilities for any application on any infrastructure and any cloud with Cisco ACI software-defined networking (SDN) solution. And how to automate the connectivity of the complex environments of Hybrid and Intra-Cloud networks using Cisco Cloud Network Controller and Nexus Dashboard.

  • Supporting Your Organizations Sustainability Goals: See How Cisco’s Newest Datacenter Technologies Can Help Make it Happen – PSODCN-1799

Sustainability is now top of mind for every corporation and Cisco is leading the way with its ambitious target of becoming net zero by 2040. This session will illustrate how Cisco’s recent datacenter technologies can help organizations achieve their sustainability goals.​

Last but not least, automation is critical to modern networking infrastructure. Cisco continues to drive growth in our Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) capabilities by publishing fully supported Ansible modules and collections and Terraform providers. Our ambition is to help everyone embrace IaC by empowering everyone, regardless of their programming skill level. The recently launched Nexus-as-Code project aims to reduce time to value by lowering the barrier of entry to network orchestration through simplification, abstraction, and curated examples. Join us for a Tech Field Day session on the state of the union: datacenter networking automation.

Need a little travel reading? Here is a great choice to get you started:  Check out the Cisco Live Guide 2023  eBook!

Tot ziens, see you soon!



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