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The year is off to an amazing start for us at Webex with the news of winning Trustradius Awards for Best Feature Set, Best Usability, and Best Customer Support. As we wrapped up 2020, we introduced the all new Webex, which included dozens of innovative updates, so we are excited to see the great response. In the Video Conferencing category, Webex Meetings earned 1st in Best Feature Set, as well as 1st in Best Usability. In Team Collaboration, Webex ranked 1st in Best Support and Best Usability, while the DX80 took 1st in Best Feature Set and Best Support in the Video Conferencing Equipment category. Here’s what Trustradius’ research team found when looking at the rankings:

trust radiusMeetings – 1st in Feature Set: “It’s clear that Cisco Webex Meetings is a winner in the feature set category. Users love the extra tools when hosting large meetings, in addition, their newest features like a virtual lobby and reduced background noise capabilities give them a huge leg-up on the competition. And because users trust the teams at Cisco, you can count on its reliable speed and secure networks.”


Webex – 1st in Usability: “With so many options, tools, and resources, it’s no wonder that Webex is a favorite in the collaboration segment. But what really keeps Webex at the top, is its high usability rating. Users report that it’s relatively easy to set up, and quick for users to start communicating with their teams after installation.”


Webex DX80 – 1st in Customer Support: “Cisco has a long history of quality customer support and with its video conference equipment solutions, it’s no different. Customers appreciate their quick responses and large database of documentation and community content.”


About the Awards

These awards were created by Trustradius to let real customer reviews speak for the performance of the products they use to help narrow down the top contenders in each market. Being recognized as winners in all three categories is a testament to the hard work put into creating 10x better experiences than in-person meetings.

Reviews that contributed

We received hundreds of fantastic reviews throughout the consideration period that contributed to these wins. Here are a few:

“In today’s world, any scenario is suitable for Webex Meetings, and the fact that it is reliable, secure, and efficient makes it appropriate for everybody everywhere, in every industry. Any scenario is suitable for Webex Meetings. It is easy to use, secure, and even my grandma is using it.” –Engineering Team Lead, IT and Services Company

“We have used Webex Meetings for everything from formal meetings/presentations, to interviews for new staff, interviews with politicians/celebrities, and as our new water cooler.” –IT Engineer, Legal Services Company

“Webex has been the best collaboration tool that was adopted across our organization. Before I used to struggle by using one application for meeting, another for calling, and the third one for messaging. Now, with the all-in-one tool, I can do everything easily and my work is efficient.” –Social Media Paraprofessional, Education Management Company

An Exciting 2021 Ahead

As we continue to evolve the all new Webex into a single, integrated experience, getting customer-fueled recognition demonstrates that we’re headed in the right direction. With recent feature launches like gestures, breakout sessions, and an in-meeting real-time health checker, Webex is continuing to evolve into a platform that everyone can extract the best experiences from, regardless of your use case. The newly announced Webex Desk, which will take DX80’s spot in the market, will expand on its award-winning success to deliver an amazing, affordable collaboration experience.

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