Has this happened to you? You love tool A and you love tool B. You go to tool A’s marketplace and find out you can install an integration to make it work better with tool B. But there are a few catches. The integration app requires a download or plug-in, requiring you to keep up with current versions. Not all your colleagues use it, so the experience varies. And perhaps the biggest one: it only delivers a partial solution for your use case.

Not this time.

With our new collaboration partnership with Google, we are changing how Webex Meetings and Google Calendar work together. We’re one of the first vendors to support the new native Google Calendar add-on, and that app is available today in the G Suite Marketplace. Let’s talk a bit about how it works and why it’s better than the experiences described above.

First and foremost, it is a native app for Google Calendar. Unlike plug-ins for Chrome browser only, or scheduling apps built for Gmail, the Webex app for Google Calendar sits right inside of a G Suite user’s calendar workflow. And that’s just the beginning.

It is enabled by administrators, giving our customers the ability to rapidly enable it for some or all of their Webex hosts. And admins can go a step further and install it on their users’ behalf, too. This means users don’t even need to visit the app listing page. It just shows up as a native part of their Google Calendar experience and is kept current.

Once installed, all a G Suite user has to do is open up a new Google Calendar event, enter their Webex site name (only required for first-time use) and, voila – they can simply click one of the Webex icons in “Add conferencing” list when setting up the event from a browser or mobile device and let the technology do the rest. Users have the flexibility to select either a Personal Room or standard Webex meeting, and can include meeting rooms in addition to guests.

Second, it improves the join experience – meetings start faster because the invitation is so easy to use. Icons depict key information such as meeting time, type, location, and creator name. Easily click or tap to join on any device. Users on a laptop can join right from their browser by simply entering their name and email address and Chrome users get a full voice, video, and screen sharing experience.

Last but not least, if meeting rooms are added to the invite, customers with Cisco Webex Hybrid Calendar Service for Google Calendar can simply tap the green Join button on their Webex video devices when it’s time to meet. No SIP addresses or join details to transpose. No excuses if you’re late! This is a big advantage compared to competitor approaches and a major boon to our customers who want to maximize their video collaboration investments.

Simple. Complete. Connected. Productivity gains for all, with timely meetings that bring everyone together with an amazing video experience. That’s the power of Cisco Webex and Google coming together. And this is just the start.


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Jeff Marusak

Sr. Manager

Global Service Provider