What’s new with Webex? A whole lot. Starting July 27th, you’ll see a new look to Webex Meetings and Webex Events, designed to make your meeting experience easier than ever before. There’s a new desktop app, which replaces Webex Productivity Tools  and brings not only a new look but also new capabilities and an even faster join experience. Check out some of these great new features:

I’m really excited to share the new, crisp, design—but this new version is more than just a pretty face. It’s inspired by how you and your team collaborate, adding functionality that lets you focus on the people and content in the meeting that matter the most.

We’ve learned a thing or two from hosting six billion plus minutes of meetings per month for millions of attendees all around the world. A productive and useful meeting experience needs to align with how you work today—and tomorrow.  The changes you’ll see in Webex Meetings and Webex Events will help make your meetings more intuitive, more personal, and give you more power to control your experience. I may be biased, but I think it looks amazing. Here are some of the changes I’m most excited about:

Lifelike video meetings

Great video is one of the things we know you appreciate the most about Webex Meetings and Events. Seeing people helps build engagement, relationships, and trust.

I’m all for anything that makes it easier to stay engaged and productive, and our new lifelike experience will help you stay focused from the moment you join a meeting.

We’ve maximized the real estate, using your whole screen for face-to-face HD video meetings. You instantly see who’s in the meeting and whether they are engaged.

We also have new layouts, with options to control where you view video participants and content on your screen. I like being able to toggle between different screens, sharing content on one view and video on the other. Side-by-side views allow you to see your content and everyone in the meeting at the same time.

Meeting controls within your control

No more clicking through multiple panels and tabs to find specific meeting controls. The new, centralized control bar brings all the essential meeting tools together in one easy-to-find place, so everything you need is at your fingertips.

The control bar automatically hides when you don’t need it, so that you can get back to your meeting. Just move your cursor to make the controls reappear. I personally like the ability to quick customize my view when I need more (or less) navigation.

This puts the technology out of the way and lets you just focus on the meeting.

Simplified, integrated scheduling and calendar management

The desktop app also has a new pre-meeting experience providing the fastest and easiest way to schedule and join meetings. You will have a full view of your day just like you do on the mobile app.

The new Webex Meetings tab lists all my upcoming meetings and pulls directly from both my calendar and the Webex Meetings database. This also works with Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar. So now I have a full view of my day without having to toggle between apps. I know you’ll appreciate the faster join experience.

In addition to the desktop and pages, we are also bringing a modern, simplified view to your Webex sites. I really like the single dashboard so I can easily access the most common Webex Meetings and Events tools I use. The new interface makes it easier to find recordings, meetings list, and set preferences without having to click through multiple tabs.

There’s a myriad of other changes that you’ll come across, and you can find more about those on our Collaboration Help page. We’re really excited to bring you this new, more intuitive experience. For customers who have auto-update on, the new Webex Meetings and Events desktop app will be auto-delivered starting on July 27th and will roll out to users around the world over the following weeks.

More Information

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Javed Khan

Senior Vice President and General Manager

Cisco Collaboration