We know that the canvas you work in includes many different collaboration tools, productivity tools, and devices. When all those elements work together, you can work more efficiently. That’s why our approach is an open collaboration canvas: We are making sure the Webex portfolio works with the third-party tools you may already use, like Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Google Calendar, Skype for Business, Workplace by Facebook, and more.

We’ve recently enhanced Webex Meetings to work with even more applications.

Simplify joining and scheduling a meeting.

Schedule, invite, and start Webex Meetings right from your preferred app. You can add a Webex Personal Room link to your message channel in tools like Microsoft Teams or Slack, making it easier for your team to join the meeting. This means less switching between apps and having everything in one place.

Today, I’m also excited to share a new bot that makes easy to add your Webex meeting link directly into Workplace by Facebook chats. This works just like the Webex Meetings functionality we have for other third-party integrations but is now brought right to your Workplace experience. And as always, you can add your Webex Personal Room or meeting to your email invites from all the major calendaring services like Google Calendar and Microsoft.


Get face-to-face with video-first experience.

Webex gives you a great experience no matter how you join — even from third-party video devices or apps, including Skype for Business. We want to make it easier for you to visually connect and collaborate in richer ways — regardless of where you are in the world. The Webex network backbone was purpose-built for video. It leverages our global service-provider partnerships, which carry much of the internet traffic, so no matter where or how you join, you’ll get the best possible video experience.

Reach more live audiences.

Need to livestream your Webex Meetings? Want to broadcast a product launch event or a message from company leaders? How about react live to a social media event? You can do this with our new Facebook Live integration. Now, you can share to broader audiences by adding Webex Meetings to your Facebook timeline. Choose who can view the stream and control privacy and viewership. Take advantage of all Webex Meetings capabilities, including content sharing, too.

Meet where you learn.

We also integrating Webex with leading learning management systems (LMSs) such as Moodle, Canvas, and many others. This means you can bring the best meeting experience to the education environment. Scheduling and launching a Webex meeting directly from an LMS tool is a great way for professors and students to schedule office hours or group project meetings directly. You can record lectures and host them in your library for easy access to replays later on. (This integration is in beta deployment with general availability coming in a few months.)

Our open collaboration canvas continues to expand both through our own development as well as open APIs, thanks to our developer community. Learn more about the Webex developer community.

We believe in building bridges, not islands. You can expect many more integrations to come, both in Cisco Webex Meetings and Webex Teams.



Sri Srinivasan

SVP/GM, Cisco Collaboration