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Seamless Enterprise Calling on iPhone and iPad

Our goal in working with Apple was to create a no-compromise business calling experience on iOS. And with today’s announcements at WWDC, we have taken a huge step forward in delivering that capability to end users and IT departments.

So let’s get real, what did we announce? Well, we announced that Cisco Spark app will leverage new iOS 10 features and APIs to deliver seamless voice and video calling.

As an end user, what will you get? You will now be able to make Cisco Spark calls in the same way as cellular calls, including iOS 10 contacts, recents, and favorites. You will be able to receive an incoming Cisco Spark call on the lock screen, and with a single swipe answer the call. You’ll get call waiting, so if you’re on a Cisco Spark call and receive a cellular call, or vice versa, you can pick which one is the most important. Mobile accessories, like Bluetooth devices, will be integrated with Cisco Spark as well. You can even ask Siri to use Cisco Spark to place a call, truly simplifying the outbound calling experience.

Now, what is the IT department going to get out of this? Well, using MDM your IT department will be able to setup your iPhone or iPad, so calls to anyone within your corporate directory are automatically made using Cisco Spark. By routing mobile calls through the corporate PBX calling costs are reduced and compliance is improved.

We are pleased to announce these powerful new capabilities as part of our partnership with Apple. General availability of these new features is targeted for fall as part of an updated version of Cisco Spark for iOS 10. In the meantime download Cisco Spark from the App Store today and start using our existing calling, messaging and meetings for free.

Contact your Cisco and Apple account team to see how seamless collaboration on iPhone and iPad can improve your business.


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  1. please!!! is cydia download available for iphone 6 running on ios 9.2.1

  2. So just to be clear this only covers companies using Cisco Spark? It will not delivery the same features for example if you front end with Cisco Cookie-Cutter and MS Skype for Business as the client?

  3. Hi Jonathan,

    Are there any plans to extend these capabilities to Android ?
    Any idea when Cisco IT plans to deploy this solution internally to Cisco.



  4. Jonathan, great news and clarification.
    Questions: what will this require from the IT backend besides MDM? Is new equipment required? How about with the other two announcements (fast lane/QoS and fast roaming for APs)? Does that require new equipment or simply updates to Cisco IOS or the WLC/APs? Appreciate it!

  5. Jonathan Rosenberg, could you tell me if this integration will be available in any of Developer or Public Beta iOS10? Since I’ve got iOS 10 Developer Beta 1 and unfortunately I can’t find it.

    • No. We cannot release a version of our app into the app store which leverages any iOS10 features until iOS10 goes GA.

  6. Hi,

    Major Mobile Operators just roll-out their VoWIFI offers to overcome barriers like indoor coverage of their LTE networks. Apple included the “WIFI Calling”feature into their native dialer. This uses IPSEC tunnels to the SP.

    How does that interwork with the CISCO SPARK call ?

    The UE must decide is it a ENTERPRISE or PUBLIC call.


    • If the call is a business call and connected through Spark, it will utilize the Spark app VoIP capabilities, which run over the data network (wifi or cellular data) and connect to the Cisco Spark cloud. As such it will not use the SP voice service for that call – regardless of whether it would have gone over the SP’s wifi calling capability.

  7. are we planning same feature for Android platform as well?

    • The integrations we have with Apple make use of a set of APIs in iOS10 called CallKit. There is no direct equivalent in Android. We do of course use whatever APIs are available on Android to deliver the best calling experience possible.

  8. hi , i have installed the ios developer beta 1 , can i have the integration now to use ?


  9. Hi Jonathan!

    Great post about Spark and Apple collab! I see where there is a mention of “MDM”. Do you have more info on this? Will this be a Spark-built MDM, Cisco Meraki Systems Manager, third party, all/other?


  10. Will this integration with iOS 10 also be available for Jabber on iOS?

    • Isn’t Jabber going away? My experience with Jabber was frustrating as it ate 1/3 of a collaboration license for each endpoint. Weird.

    • Yes, this integration will also be available on Jabber

  11. Thanks for the plain speak explanation Jonathan! #WeAreCisco