Did you know that 37% of the average employee time is spent in meetings, according to the National Statistics Council?  No matter what you call it – powwow, touch base, huddle up, kick off, walkthrough or update – a meeting is people getting together to share ideas and get things done. It’s just a meeting. And while the meaning of a meeting has remained the same, the way we organize and conduct them is definitely changing at a rapid pace.

First, you have to decide to meet – not a big problem. Then you’ve typically had to run through questions such as:

  • How many people are you inviting to the meeting?
  • Where are participants physically located?
  • For those who won’t be in the central meeting location, which devices will they use to join?
  • Are their systems secure? Compatible with each other?
  • What’s the best way to manage all these pieces to be sure everyone can connect to audio, view content, and share video?

When you can resolve the technology behind planning a meeting, you can create better meeting experiences. The benefit? Drive business outcomes, resulting in increased engagement, accelerated sales cycles, reduced time to market, and more.

Simplifying Meetings for Everyone
We work to simplify the Cisco WebEx experience so you can focus on your day job. The experience goes beyond just “meet” to eliminate steps, reduce complexity, and keep people in sync from inception to resolution. At the same time, we work to simplify the technology: We eliminated the delineation between voice, video, and web conferencing.

It’s really just a meeting. Period.

Thanks to a richer and simpler user experience – and industry-leading features like free video, people can join a meeting from their own video systems, without worrying about technology. Whether they’re using a mobile phone while on the go, a laptop from an airport terminal, or a video conferencing device at their desk, WebEx connects participants to the meeting without them giving it more than a moment’s thought.

You can have the meeting call you. Everyone can share documents, files, or images easily. Whatever you discuss is shared with crystal-clear audio and lifelike video, creating an in-person experience.

When all the technology works and everyone can join, you can get past the technology and get back to the real purpose of your meeting.

Better Meetings Mean Better Business
Using video conferencing to conduct meetings can lead to better business outcomes. Video conferencing can help organizations increase innovation and stimulate business growth. In today’s environment, business agility is essential to keeping pace with fast-moving changes. In fact, recent research by Techaisle reported:

  • 75% of high-growth businesses are using video-enabled collaboration solutions
  • Strong adopters of business video collaboration outgrew other companies by 300%
  • Innovative companies experience 30% faster decision making with video enabled collaboration

Business communications have changed, which means meetings have evolved. No matter how much things change, people still just want to get together to move business forward. They want to focus on the meeting not the technology.

Learn how your team can receive WebEx Meeting Center video conferencing functionality with their subscription, at no additional cost.


Ellie Ruano

No Longer with Cisco