Bring Collaboration to All Huddle Spaces with Cisco Webex Share

April 18, 2018 - 31 Comments

Think of all the places in your offices where handfuls of people naturally gather to brainstorm ideas or to focus on a deadline. There’s usually a TV or monitor nearby. How can you make those hot-topic discussions far more engaging and effective? Today we announced Cisco Webex Share, a palm-sized affordable device that plugs into any TV or monitor to instantly turn it into a wireless presentation screen when used with a Cisco Webex app.

Cisco WebEx Share device

Huddle spaces are the new watercoolers

Huddle spaces can be small meeting rooms, open areas in common rooms, or touch down areas. Think about these areas as anywhere up to half dozen people can gather for impromptu discussions. Huddle spaces are important to the new way of working with small empowered teams coming together to complete specific tasks. I speak to customers every day that have increased the huddle spaces in their offices, or that teams themselves set up. While we already provide great products for huddle spaces with Webex Boards and Webex Room Series, there are millions of existing screens in huddle spaces out there that are ripe to be part of the collaborative workspace.

Making all huddle spaces work better for teams

Cisco Webex Share solves these problems. It provides simple wireless content sharing to any HD TV or monitor. No longer do users need to connect any cables or dongles, or adjust AV settings, just to get content on the screen. Simply walk into a room, pair with the system using the Webex app on your laptop, and immediately start sharing an application or your entire screen. And when you’re done, keep the work moving anytime, anywhere in a secure Cisco Webex Teams space.

Great for both teams and IT

IT organizations love Webex Share because it integrates with enterprise calendars and offers single-pane-of-glass management and analytics. This enables people to reserve huddle spaces in advance and see upcoming events on the screen to know when a space will next be in use. Analytics provide room and system usage details, helping resource planners optimize future real-estate investments. The user experience is consistent with other Cisco Webex devices such as Webex Board and the Webex Room Series, enabling ease of use wherever people meet.

To get started, we’re offering limited orderability by end of May 2018. By fall, we expect full general availability with support to enable virtual team members to view what is being shared using Cisco Webex Teams or Cisco Webex Meetings.

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  1. Great stuff

  2. Does Video & Audio displays while sharing in TV screen when connected with Webx Share Device? Or is it only for presentation sharing only?

  3. What is the SKU for this device?

  4. What's is the frame rate per second? Proximity client used to only support 7-10fps, wondering that has been improved for this product…

  5. Does Video & Audio displays while sharing in TV screen when connected with Webx Share Device? Or is it only for presentation sharing only?

  6. Will this pass audio?

  7. Good to see that, there are plenty of devices in market and I am working on ezcast, chromecast, Apple TV and Airtame.

    I hope this will be good alternative for webex customers. How we can pre order.


    • In the section "Making all huddle spaces work better for teams", it refers to Laptop. So, I am guessing its not a BYOD solution like EZCAST or AIRTAME. What is required is to have one device (Windows, Android, iOS etc.) to connect any device to the Screen \ Projector

  8. Sounds promising. Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter is encrypted and priced somewhere between a Chromecast and an Apple TV. It doesn't work well with Apple products, which this product should do better. Still, like Tom, I'm hoping the WebEx Share also competes in the sub-$100 range.

  9. Great news…I have seen this WebEx share in my country Cisco office, fantastic technology. Kudos to Cisco Team

  10. Any indication of cost? Will it be more expensive than, say, Chromecast or Apple TV?

    • Hi Tom,

      This device is built for the Enterprise so not a consumer device, the device has secure boot and registers directly with the Webex cloud, making it simple to share with the same user experience that are in our video rooms. This will be priced compared to other business sharing devices that can support secure Wifi, power over Ethernet switches etc…


    • MSRP is around the $800 mark. Street price- who knows.

  11. good to see but when and where we will find more details about this??

    • You will see the data sheets and more details published on as we get closer to release.

  12. Do we have any data sheets for this product? I am hopeful that it works with Proximity.

    • It utilizes proximity on Cisco soft clients. It was mentioned at Cisco Collaboration Summit yesterday.

  13. how much?

  14. Great, when can we order ?

  15. What is the part number to order and any ETA when the part will be available for sale?

  16. Excited to try it! Cannot wait!

  17. Thanks JF. Great concept !!!

  18. Great hardware !
    How can we order to try it?

  19. Looking forward to try it out!

  20. Quite curious about seeing the combination of Webex Share device with the new Webex!

  21. I'm looking forward to seeing what this change brings. I really liked Spark though… Thanks for sharing!

  22. Great!
    Compatible with Cisco Proximity or Cisco Webex Apps are mandatory to share?