A couple weeks ago I posted about the OpenStack Summit speaker selection process. I shared an interview with one of the track chairs, Gary Kevorkian. I speculated about how much or how little the voting process impacts the choices the organizers make. And I shared a list of talks submitted by my Cisco colleagues.

This is the follow-up to that post.

Don’t get too excited–I don’t have any more juicy tidbits from Gary about how the talks are chosen. I’m pretty sure he gave me all he’s got (or all he’s going to give) on that topic.

I do however have a list of the Cisco talks that were chosen. So if you took the time to vote and you’ve been wondering how it all shook out, please take a moment to look at the results below.

Oddly, if you voted for any of our talks about networking you were in the minority. Most of those didn’t make the cut this time. But if you wanted to hear us speak about strategy or security, you’re in luck. We got a number of talks accepted in each of those categories, and we’re thrilled about that. We know some people in the OpenStack community eyed Cisco with a bit of suspicion in the beginning, wondering what it was we wanted with your software project, and whether we were really just hanging out trying to sell boxes.

So we understood when you weren’t all that interested in what we had to say on non-networking issues. And we appreciated that in spite of whatever suspicions you may have been harboring, you still trusted our networking know-how enough to vote us up on stage to speak about that on a pretty regular basis.

But now…now we feel like we’ve graduated (or at least we’re graduating). Now we’re getting to speak on a much broader range of issues that we’re passionate about: securing the cloud, embracing digital transformation, designing cloud-native apps, leveraging containers effectively, and closing the gap between what users are asking for and IT is able to deliver. So thank you for voting–and for your interest in what we have to say. We can’t wait to share what we’ve got, hear what you’ve got, and walk out of that summit better equipped than ever to deliver powerful, simple, user-friendly cloud solutions to the business world.

See you there!

Architectural Decisions

Designing Cloud Native Apps – Deep Dive, CB Anantha Padmanabhan, Meenakshi Sundaram Lakshmanan, Rahul Upadhye

Architecture and Operations – Networking

Securing OpenStack Networking, Naveen Joy

Architecture and Operations – Ops Tools

Kolla-Kubernetes: Day 2 Operations Enable Sleep Optimization, Pete Birley (independent), Serguei Bezverkhi, Steve Wilkerson (AT&T)

Business and Strategy

Panel from the Trenches: Will Containers Save Us?, Christopher MacGown, Forrest Carpenter, Jonathan LaCour (DreamHost), Ben Cherian (InkTank Storage), Jesse Proudman (IBM Blue Box)

CIO Cloud Strategy

OpenStack’s Digital Transformation Opportunity, Niki Acosta (moderator), Kip Compton, Tim Yeaton (Red Hat), Al Sadowski (451 Research)

Community Building – Business and Strategy

Finding the Balance between Open Source and Proprietary Work, Dave McCowan, Douglas Mendizábal (Rackspace), Christopher Solis (IBM), Fernando Diaz

The Evolution of the User Group: Facilitating OpenStack Adoption, Gary Kevorkian, Lisa-Marie Namphy (OpenStack Bay Area Meetup), Beth Cohen (Verizon), John Studarus (OpenStack San Diego Meetup)

Community Building – Developers 

OpenStack Mentoring: The Ninja Becomes the Sensei, Emily Hugenbruch (IBM), Anne McCormick, Amrith Kumar (Tesora), Trevor McCasland (AT&T), Chirag Shahani (Nuage Networks)

Developers – Big Data

Using OpenStack Orchestration for Big Data Workloads, Hart Hoover

Evaluating OpenStack

Enterprise Cloud Offering Models and Service Strategies, Robert Douglas, Istvan Blasko

Hands-on Workshop

Barbican Workshop – Securing the Cloud, Dave McCowan, Douglas Mendizábal (Rackspace), Ade Lee (Red Hat), Kaitlin Far (JH-APL), Fernando Diaz

Lightning Talks

Advanced Threat Prediction and Orchestration for Service Chains in SP Cloud, Aman Sinha, CB Anantha Padmanabhan, Rahul Upadhyaya


FWaaS v2 – A New Beginning, Sridar Kandaswamy, Yushiro Furukawa (Fujitsu Ltd.), Chandan Dutta Chowdhury (Juniper Networks)

Project Updates

Project Update – Barbican, Dave McCowan, Douglas Mendizábal (Rackspace), Kaitlin Farr (Johns Hopkins)

Project Update – Horizon, Rob Cresswell, Richard Jones (Red Hat)

Project Update – Kolla, Steven Dake


Comparing the Barbican and Vault Security Models, Dave McCowan, Douglas Mendizábal (Rackspace)


Ali Amagasu

Marketing Communications Manager