The cloud revolution race is on! With Unified Cloud Hosted Solutions growing at an alarming rate of 33% each year, it has become close to a $28 billion a year business and continues to grow. The marketplace for communications is shifting to multi-modal interactions; with voice, video, messaging and collaboration spearheading the future of this market.

As the plethora of applications and devices grows, so does the demand for high-volume messaging, call sharing, video, presentation, whiteboard and meeting capabilities. NWNComm meets today’s IT technology challenges head on by providing a range of options that include on-premise, hybrid, and cloud deployments, as well as the flexibility to mix, match and integrate services as business evolves.

In the forefront is NWNComm as an award-winning Cisco Unified Cloud Solution Provider, architecting cloud communication and infrastructure solutions around voice, video, messaging, reporting and collaboration. What is the biggest reason people need to collaborate and communicate internally and externally? To be more unified and communicate seamlessly from any device. As a full stack UCC provider, NWNComm focuses on Cisco technology for cloud based communications that includes voice and video conferencing, providing a seamless experience in mobile environments. NWNComm teams “drink their own champagne” by utilizing and incorporating Cisco cloud innovative tools like Cisco Spark and WebEx into their everyday lives.

NWN’s Founder, Mont Phelps, stated “NWN recognized the strategic importance of offering cloud solutions to our customers and began investing and building our cloud offerings years ago, and some customers adopted our Cisco Hosted Unified Communications System. As a result, we now offer Commercial and Public Sector customers the deep cloud experience and dependable solutions they need.”

As voice and email communication continues to dominate todays’ business interactions, the shift to video and messaging-based UCC is taking off! Business users require real-time collaboration and what they demand is to integrate current collaboration and communication applications, transforming themselves into a mature cloud business. NWNComm understands that customers no longer want just voice; they want the whole gamut of cloud communications – a seamless unified solution combining voice, video, collaboration, and mobile experiences. Unified Cloud Collaboration (UCC) is the answer and NWNComm is there to tackle all of your IT challenges.

With over 20 years of experience, NWNComm is dedicated to architect cloud solutions that best suit specific industry needs. As an award winning Cisco Global Cloud Partner of the Year 2016, NWNComm is nationally recognized by Cisco for successes in Cloud Collaboration, Cloud Architecture and Cloud Managed Services. NWNComm has a high-touch delivery model that helps customers plan, manage and grow their business for the future.

We invite you to determine the value of your current IT platform with an NWNComm Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis.





Barbara Basquill

Field Marketing Manager

NWN Corporation