Tech Field Day covers a wide variety of events such as Mobility Field Day, Storage Field Day, Data Field Day, and now Cloud Field Day. Cisco will be presenting at #CFD1 to a panel of 14 influencers from 1:00 – 3:00 pm PST September 14 .

For those of you who haven’t seen or heard of Tech Field Day, here is the breakdown: the top influencers (bloggers, podcasters, speakers, and freelance writers) come to Cisco to listen to a few experts talk about exciting topics in a presentation and discussion format. The influencers may ask questions throughout the presentation which makes the sessions more interesting and interactive.

To watch the livestream of Cloud Field Day at 1:00pm PST, click here.

In our first session Cloud Architect Bill Harper will cover why private clouds are important in any company’s strategy and how Cisco Metapod can help accelerate that journey.  He will double down into Metapod’s architecture as well as common use cases for the platform.  Bill will cover new features in the latest platform release and also show comparison to public costs.  If you tune in, you will also see a demonstration of the platform at the end of the discussion.

Following Bill, Senior Architect in the Cloud Services Office of the CTO, David Cheperdak will be covering how Containers and Microservices change approaches for creating, deploying and managing software. He will explore Cisco’s strategy, technology and solutions to enable enterprise to rapidly embrace this emerging software ecosystem. ‎Learn about Cisco’s impact and how you can get involved in tackling the Container Enterprise use cases.

Ending our Cloud Field Day session Mohit Vaswani, Technical Marketing Engineer, will be presenting on Cisco CloudCenter, an application-centric cloud management platform, and he’ll show how it delivers an efficient, flexible and secure way to manage an evolving mix of Hybrid IT services.

During these sessions the influencers attending will be asking questions throughout the presentations. Questions that many of you may be wondering yourselves. Make sure to tune in to watch the action live and watch for the YouTube videos posted thereafter.




Breana Jordan

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