Got cloud? 

It’s no secret that implementing cloud technologies allows IT to rapidly react and dynamically deliver new services to any business or organization almost instantly.

In an ideal world, cloud services—whether private, public, or hybrid—allow users access to applications wherever, however, and whenever they need.

Operating in the cloud can help solve some of your most cumbersome business and IT challenges. For starters, it can provide scalability, reduce costs, improve collaboration, and enable automation.

It sounds great, right? So what’s the holdup with cloud adoption?

Knowing where to begin can be a challenge, as well as which cloud model is right for you. Consider this: You’re ready to leave for work, and your car won’t start. You try again, and again.

engine check light

Finally, the engine turns over and the car rumbles to life. While on your commute, you notice the odometer mileage has grown beyond your comfort level. You also see the gas gauge is under the quarter-tank mark—again, already? Your brakes are screeching as you slow for a traffic light, and you’re already sweating through your clothes because you have no AC. Maybe it’s time for a new car.

Where do you start? With all the makes and models, which will be best for you?

How about starting with what you already know: you need a vehicle that runs reliably, doesn’t cost so much to maintain, and one in which all parts are working in unison so it runs properly. You should also consider future needs—perhaps your family is outgrowing the small car—you want more capacity, not to mention better safety features. So what’s the most logical next step?

Explore the web, or talk to an expert.

Just like vehicles, in this world of many clouds, there are numerous options. And one size does not fit all: what model, vendor, provider do you go with?

That’s why I want to share a simple and fun tool with you:

The Cisco Cloud Experience will help you navigate the various cloud offerings from Cisco and our Cisco Powered cloud partners.

Simply register or log in if you already subscribe to  Unleashing IT – and turn up the volume! Answer a couple of basic questions from the pilot seat.

You’ll be served up a rich library of tailored content based on your answers, including profiles of industry peers who are already capitalizing on their cloud services and assets that may help you assess which Cisco cloud services are right for your organization.

web experience

And if you are ready to speak to an expert, we’ll be happy to schedule that for you.

As for that new car, that’s a bit outside of our expertise.



Adrian den Hartog

Senior Marketing Manager

Field Marketing US Commercial