My youngest daughter, a very energetic happy-go-easy fourth grader, was looking over my shoulder as I was working on this blog.

“Dad, why talk about going back to school before the summer break even starts?”

Good point, considering her world. A world that is so simple compared to that of grown-ups.

I showed her the cover of the latest Cloud edition of Unleashing IT, featuring a school of fish. I then gave her some additional context.

Satisfied with my explanation, she went about her own business, doing whatever she wanted or had to do, without a care in the world.

I paused to think back about what the world was like when I was her age: no Internet, no NetFlix (or cable TV for that matter), Twitter, etc. All this ‘stuff’ that my kids take for granted. The contrast is so stark it is hard to imagine what the world will be like when she is my age, especially given todays’ accelerated pace of innovation.

And that accelerated pace of innovation is exactly what the latest installment of this cloud-focused edition of Unleashing IT is all about: how companies much like yours are using cloud technologies to redefine business models, operate more efficiently and innovate so they can stay competitive and relevant.

Essentially, these companies are navigating new waters and learning to swim: imperatives for continued success in the age of digital transformation.

So download your copy now or peruse the articles online.

My hope is that you find your ‘aha’ moment – that nugget of information that makes you go ‘wow, this we can use’. Then reach out so we can make it happen.

In the corporate world we live in, there is no school age type summer break that the future generation business leaders enjoy today. So when it’s time for them to lead the school through previously uncharted waters, let’s make sure that the business is in good shape, leveraging technology that enables unique and valuable experiences, services and products.

Latest Cloud edition of Unleashing IT
Latest Cloud edition of Unleashing IT


Adrian den Hartog

Senior Marketing Manager

Field Marketing US Commercial