Have you heard of Vector Packet Processing? You know, VPP?

If you haven’t, you will soon, because this particular technology allows networks to move information much faster than they’ve been able to up until now.

I know, I know—the network is always getting faster. Making it faster is our job. But sometimes it gets faster in small increments, and sometimes it gets faster in big ‘ol leaps.

VPP is one of the things that feels like it will deliver a leap.

And luckily, this week we were able to get two of the Cisco engineers behind this revolutionary technology on the show to explain it. Dave Barach is a Cisco Fellow—which is a pretty darn exclusive club, considering there are only about a dozen of them—and Ed Warnicke is a former physicist that’s now a Distinguished Consulting Engineer. During our discussion, they explain:

  • What VPP is and how it works
  • Why VPP is so interesting to service providers
  • Which products and use cases VPP is likely to start turning up in (and is already in)
  • What FD.io is all about
  • The things that make open source communities succeed or fail

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Ali Amagasu

Marketing Communications Manager